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  1. I have a 1 1/2 month old plant still in veg that has begun curling it’s leaves severely and quickly, at first i thought it was nutrient burn as I had been putting 1/4 and then 1/2 dose of nutrients with no problems, then I put the full recommended dose and noticed some slight curling so I flushed them about 4 days ago but the issue is still persisting rapidly, the soil is really wet still, not muddy but still wet this may be an issue?
    ( I have already had one plant fully die under the exact same circumstances before putting full dose of nutes) My light is about 21 inches away from plants it’s an LED and it pulls 200w from the wall but it’s advertised at 900w, light cycle is 18 on 6 off veg and bloom both on, humidity fluctuates from 50%-62%(max) , temps when light is on are 20-22 Celsius when it’s off room is around 16.5-19 Celsius. Any help is greatly appreciated! More Pics included below 6B7A8CCC-60DA-4717-97DC-0B55D0FBC6A2.jpeg 173A956A-94C7-4C65-B97B-F8EFB4374210.jpeg

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  2. Yeah bud, that's probably the worst case of non intentional nute burn I've seen. My guess is you're using a non organic liquid insta feed..? What kind of soil is it in? You don't have a choice but to flush the shite out of it again, not sure how much water you've put through it already but its not really drooping yet so I'd say you could do it now oooor you could wait for it to dry, it may be too late by then.... Good luck.
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  3. I’m using fox farm grow big that’s it for nutes so far and adding a little PH down and then soil is fox farm ocean forest and yea I may run some more through it they are slightly dripping though just can’t tell in the pic, thanks for the help tho!

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