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  1. So I used marijuanna daily for about a year and quit for two weeks. I went 12 days without smoking but slipped up and smoked two days in a row with my cousin(we split 2 bowls and I took 3 dabs in this time), only to be notified later on that I was being reconsidered for an internship I applied for months ago. All it was was an email saying I will be contacted by someone from the company so I am sure I have a little bit before interviewing but what is the shortest time I should wait?

    Is there anything that I can do to help get it out of my system or to pass the test?

    Do detox drinks actually work?
    Update: I have heard that drinking pectin the morning of helps mask it. Is this effective?
  2. Get an oil change

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  3. Just drink your urine for a few days and your body will filter it out. It's the only way.
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  4. Yeah my brother did that for 4 days for his army drug test. Just to help filter it out faster I gave him some of mine too.

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