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  1. Never started with clones before and not sure what to expect at this stage. All thre varieties are supposidly Indica dominant. I picked them up Saturday. They were the dregs left from a Thursday delivery. All are droopy. They came that way and have not significantly improved. Some new growth, and a couple of the less droopy ones seem to be responding to th elight.

    I got them in Rock wool. I broke of excess rock wool without impacting the roots. I put them directly into Black Gold Oraganic Potting Soil that I had just wet down and left drain until they stopped dripping. The fert raio on the bag was 0.05-0.0-0.0. So it has some Nitrogen. I had to add a heater yesterday because the weather went south. I have good air intake. 6 clones are under 6 T8s about 2" from the top of the plants. Temp in room is running about 65f.

    Other observations is that all have droopy curled under leaves ot th epoint where some are barely supporting the lower fan leaves. Most have purple stalk and leaf stems.

    Do I sit tight? Add some P and K? Ditch the Black Gold and get some oraganic composted soil and mix with usual worm castings, and perlite etc and transplant.

    It does look like they came over watered and the heavy peat moss in the black gold is really holding onto moisture, which I think is not helping matters.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. Sounds like the roots are drowning, it also could be that your ph is out of wack. Peat moss is on the acidic side.
  3. Oh my stupid, I did check the soil PH with a cheap-o-meter and it varied in each pot from 6 to 7 with most at about 6.5. My tap water has always tested pretty close to neutral, i live in a mountain setting water is top notch from the tap. Used it for two other grows and never had a ph issue, but I used an organic compost.

    Damn black gold was the only thing I could find at the moment. The black gold also has composted worm casting which I thought helped to balance PH.

    Guess Ill be transplanting. Ill give it a couple more days. I am hoping as the soil dries they will start to perk up.
  4. clones are best grown in water so over watering should not be an issue.Did you use any cloning gel?you need to for a good grow. should not be using any fert in my opinion and are you spraying the clone with filtered phed water about 3 times a day?Only way for your clones to take in any water at this stage unless they already have roots .spraying alone may help with the droop and stop using ferts to tender and they dont need any yet.
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    They were medical marijuana puchased clones. They were already rooted in rock wool. They were droopy when I got them. They did look signifiantly rooted.

    Haven't addd any ferts. I don't usually for a few weeks, just concerned because the P-K values were at 0 on that soil.

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  6. I think they will be ok.. just keep misting them 3 times day... distilled water would be best. Also, they probably wouldn't mind some superhume if you can go to a hydro shop.

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