Help Dont Know whats wrong?

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    Day 25
    Is it me or this growing really slow?
    Am i doing something wrong?

    Strain: Blue Mystic Auto
    Grown in FFOF soil with added per-lite
    Lights 3 26 watt 2700k and 1 26 watt 6500k cfls

    Haven't given any nutes yet well be using jacks classic soon

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    check your pH. How far away are your cfl's from the top of the plants? also what do you have around the plant, does it get good ventilation? Heat usually is not an issue with cfl's but it can happen especially in a closed compact area with no ventilation. Also what is your watering schedule? At 25 days your plants should be much larger, something is going wrong and you need to identify it fast.
  3. I dont know the ph. The lights are 2-3 inches from the top. The ventilation in the box is good but I have it in a closet. Could that be the problem? Also I usually water every 2-4 days
  4. Check your pH, its extremely crucial, invest in good pH tester you can find at a hydroponic store. Until then get a simple liquid pH test or even litmus paper to check if your pH is drastically off until you get a good tester.
  5. cant get one now but ill try soon. Should I leave my closet door cracked or something so I can get more fresh air?
  6. Sure, if it's safe that is. Extra air circulation is always welcomed by a plant. The air surrounding the leaves of plants (about 1 inch) is used relatively fast, and with more air circulation more carbon dioxide is presented in the area that the plant pulls it in. Keep in mind that the plant cannot breathe unless there is good airflow, and it cannot use recycled air as efficiently as new air. try to get a Litmus pH test kit, they run about 3-7 dollars, its crucial to know your pH bro.
  7. so any ideas on how to fix this when i get the ph tester its seems to be getting worse
  8. well yeah, if your pH is out of balance, then you have to correct it. For example, if the pH is too high lower it, if it to low higher it. Very basic first start by finding the pH level, to see if that is the problem, if so, flush the soil and retake pH levels. Try to obtain a pH of about 6.5. Then you can watch the plant spring back to life, if the pH is too high or too low you get nutrient lock out, not allowing the plant to intake vital nutrients to keep it growing and thriving. If you intend to give the plant nutes, then you need to pH balance the solution before you water the plant. Buy a pH balance kit at a hydroponic store. Good Luck, let us know if your plant begins to recover :)
  9. Do you think it could be something else besides ph? I haven't added anything so I don't know why it would be off
  10. nute deficiency is a main concern, being aware of your pH is a main concern and not to be neglected also. do not know what to tell you bro. eliminating one aspect of the puzzle to figure out what is wrong with your plant helps to identify what else might be wrong. Your leaves are twisting and curling which can be caused by a number of factors, heat, under watering, pH, phosphorous deficiency, etc. I don't know what else to tell you bro. You have to go down the line and figure out which is causing it. High or low pH levels cause nutrient lock to occur and can cause your plant to look they way they do. Can some else look at this persons issue. I don't know what else to tell him. It's so simple to check pH and if it is the problem, A lot of the time it is, your going to kick yourself in the ass for not taking the required action.
  11. What kind of water you use? If you use tap water are you letting it sit 24 to 48 hrs before use? I use 8 4foot T5 flos for lighting and my plants touch the lights, no problems. Fox farm OF soil has time release ferts in it, becareful with ferts.. I had similar issue with mine and it was phos. issue (lack of). But like the other dude said if you dont know your PH, you dont know.your plant. PH is kinda like knowing your blood type, a must. Until you figure that.out the rest will be VERY HARD. Hope some of this.may help.
  12. O and dont forget when checkin PH test water run off, this is more important then the soil.
  13. The water is purified should i still let that sit for 24 hours?
  14. If you have purified you dont need to let it sit, BUT you still MUST check PH first and balance if needed!!!!! At one time I treated my entire room for all kinds of nute issues etc. I bought everything the local store had to help. Yet no matter what I did nothing helped. One day a friend came over to show me his new ph tester he bought, so we got in my room and played with it and my ph was 8.7!! I treated and flushed with balanced water, in less then 48 hrs all was good again!! I had a ph tester but it was out of calibration.
  15. alright im getting a ph tester soon. How would I balance it?
  16. Once you get your tester ( must be able to test water )
    1 test your water ph
    2 if high you need to lower/ low then raise ( you can get ph up/down local grow shop garden center, I use "Safer Gro Organic" )
    3 water your plant wait for water run off then check the run off water, if that reads desired ph level you should be good. If still off then raise or lower ph what ever needed then water again no feeding til you get desired ph level
    Once balanced you can go back to normal feeding schedual.
  17. you can check pool stores too for ph test kit. They may have something cheaper fot testing. But I would not by ph up/down from there, may not be safe chemicals. As long as you can test trouble plants or random plants you should be able to get a feel for whats going on. Fish stores have ph dip strips for like $8. If you have alot of plants strips are a pain but to test a few they work!

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