help donkey kong out!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. hey everyone, i follow the gamefaqs character battle closely, and todays match is donkey kong versus tommy vercetty (gta vice city). its a very close match, and i really want DK to win! so if everyone goes to and votes DK, i would appreciate it a lot! THANKS AND PLEASE VOTE!
  2. Donkey Kong's the []D [] []V[] []D He needs more votes though
  3. yes but its so damn close, its been going back and forth all day. cmon surely there has to be some old school gamers here that appreciate DK??
  4. I voted for tommy!
  5. tommy vercetti is my man for sure
  6. I'll happily oblige :)

    I would have voted for donkey kong anyway.

    Zelda vs megaman?! That's almost impossible. I can't decide.
  7. haha, that sucks, made a thread to get DK votes, and get twice as many ppl to vote for Tommy! But I evened it up for ya, DK is the man
  8. I'm voting for Tommy. I grew up with NES, but screw Donkey Kong! I never liked him. :D
  9. Donkey Kong was cool before he got his country...
    Not to mention that moronic cartoon that spun off from it...
  10. ah, but still, this is old skool vs nubies in the game scene. of course i voted donkey kong. one of the very first games i ever played. i still kick ass when jumping them barrels :D

    my second favourite of the time was "bruce lee: way of the expoding fist" still play it on my ZX Spectrum emulator...
  11. Donkey Kong kicks for him.

    I filled out a bracket for this contest and so far ive been wrong on a lot of my picks. I didn't take into account the fact that there are so many people who would betray the beloved oldschool characters such as DK.

  12. Hehe...
    As much as I enjoyed jumping over barrels and spraying bugs...
    Once they slapped that necktie on him, it was over...
  13. DK would beat the shit outta Tommy. Hes like 20 men put into one barrel jumping monkey!
  14. Fo get that, tommy will just blast his ass (and his barrels/lackeys,etc) with the RPG and what not.
  15. I'm oldschool, but sorry tommy just to badass.
    hell rays my favirot actor so mybe thats why.

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