HELP!!! dogs ate my stash

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hippy_Hay, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. i have a miniature chihuaha that just ate over a dimebag, she cant walk straight, eyes are looking everywhere and she jumps when i touch her, IS MY DOG GONNA DIE?
  2. i call bs. THC can only be released with a heat source, i doubt it would do anything to your dog. bored?
  3. My best friend has a minpin/pomeranian mix that ate maybe a pea sized bit of ganja treat that had fallen on the floor once. He was only a puppy when it happened, probably like 4 pounds. He eventually passed out so much that I could lift his head up and down without him even moving, and then pissed all over my friends lap in his sleep.

    But he was fine in the morning.

    I'm pretty sure the amount of weed an animal would have to consume to overdose is pretty high, even for a small animal.

    If she stops breathing or anything, I would obviously get her to a vet, but most likely she'll be just fine.

    I've seen quite a few different cases of animals getting into stashes and getting high off of it.

    Of course heat is needed to release the THC efficiently, but I'm sure enough THC can be released from a raw ten sack to get an animal of that size stoned.

  4. yes, yes it will.

    sorry i had to break it to ya.
  5. r u telling me its not possible to eat pot and get high? actually fuck argueing with you im worried about my dog, anybody besides this jackass got n e advice?
  6. watch up in smoke, you'll know what to do
  7. Your dog will be fine when it goes to sleep its just confused right now
  8. She will probably be fine, but keep a close eye on her just in case. Do whatever you can to keep her calm and relaxed. If she stops breathing or becomes unconscious and unresponsive I would take her to the vet. She ate a whole dime bag? I didn't think a dog would be interested enough to eat that much.... it doesn't really smell like food or anything.
  9. Dogs eat outside grass all the time and there still alive. I doubt your dog is messed up, my dog eats buds if i'm going to roll a joint and leave it on the table, then hes got it. Thats a bull terrier too and it does'nt faze him.
  10. your dog will be fine, just go play with him and get him tired out or let him pass out by himself. probaly be the best hell sleep his whole dog life. lol
  11. She'll be fine. My Chihuahua ate weed a while ago, I took him to the vet and he said he'll be just fine, really stoned for a while, but he'll be ok.
  12. Yeah i believe it i know a girl who had a small dog that ate somebody's bag of dank and it was super fucked up falling down and shit.
  13. Avid dog lover, i have 4, so i feel you.

    Your dog is going to be fine. Ill put my word on that one, if not it wasnt from the weed. Ive seen dogs eat much more than a dime, lol.

    now the random in me

    One of my dog's, Louie, he is a little mutt, looks like a pug mix, with long fur and a cury tail. ANYWAYS, he was playing in the back yard one day with the other dogs, and about two hours later we hear a loud YIPE, and check out what happened. Apparently, one of the bigger dogs landed on his head causing his eye to pop out of the socket. It was the most discusting thing i have EVER seen. Bascially all that happened was his eye lids got stuck on the wrong side of his eye, making him look like he had a thyroid problem or something. Basically he looked like this :eek:. Took him to the vet, and i sware, he just put on a glove and pushed his eye back in. He gave him a settitive (sp) and some eye drops and sent us on our way. He has perfect vision now, well im assuming so really no way for sure to know.
  14. Some places people only give .8 if that. its just a gram not a quarter you must be a light weight lol. Dogs will eat anything, thats why put your shit up next time and this won't happen. I'd rather be blazed then sober and vet checking my dog lol.
  15. No I just don't normally buy dime bags.... back when I did it was mids and was at least a few grams. I just meant it would be a lot for such a little dog.
  16. i wouldnt worry about it, give it some food. it should be fine
  17. I made ganjbutter once and left the bowl where my dog could get it. She licked it clean. She laid there looking in some kind of introspective daze for three days.

    Now she listens to the Grateful Dead and spends a lot of time in her dog house looking at pictures of multi-colored fire hydrants and chewing on glow sticks.
  18. My friend "accidentally" fed one of my friends' dogs a gram of weed.
    He was a tiny chihuaha at the time, and he was stoned for at least a day. He was fine after a day, though..and even during that day, he was just dopey and slept a lot.
  19. Yeah bro smoke that chihuahua shit1
  20. dogs can take upwards of 10 THOUSAND time the amount of thc it takes to get an average person high....

    i smoke my dog up all the time, he's fine...

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