HELP! does anyone know where to purchase glass tools for doing blades??

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  1. Hi, not to long ago, i accidently broke my sisters. She had only seen them once, and bought them. and then i broke them. Not sure if there is anywhere else to get them.. online preferred!!!

    They were like long glass tubes, flat on the end...

    Please help ! ! :D

    (she didnt even get to use them :( )
  2. I have no idea what your taking about can you.elaborate
  3. [​IMG]

    Humboldt county Glass Hot Knives you can buy em on etsy.

    btw thats just a picture of mine they have can also buy em flat.

  4. they were glass insturments for doing blades (as we call it hear in nova scotia) also know as "hot knives" etc... you put a knife under a stove top element until it is very hot, then press some weed in between 2, and whoever is doing it sucks up the smoke in a cut off pop bottle!:):):):):):)

  5. i can't seem to find them on etsy... would you perhaps have a link?
    thanks so much!
  6. So man up and just give her the money to buy new ones from wherever she got them in the first place :confused_2:
  7. nah i cant... she bought them somewhere on our cross canada trip in the summer.. so out of reach. thats why i need online!!
  8. just google Humboldt County Glass.
  9. Oh
    I never heard it called that so I was confused:smoke:

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