Help, Doctors note.

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  1. Help me if you can!

    I had emailed a teacher saying I would have a doctors note (more specifically dentist) and I don't know where to come up with one. Yes obviously it wasn't a smart idea but i really need this absence excused.

    I figured it was worth a shot to ask GC what the have done in simmilar situations, if theres a way i can pull this off? or was that just a longshot?
  2. Forge someone else's hand writing and have it say this/

    Hello Teacher,

    I am a doctor and I'm going to give little Timmy here a medical card for marijuana and a get out of school free card.

    Peace Bitch,
    Doctor Mantis Toboggan
  3. [​IMG]

    you could take that change some info white out the writting print it out have some chick (or they say docs have shitty writing maybe the worst yu can find?) fill it in. bam

    used to do this with hall passes/doc notes in highschool all day
  4. Your obviously not 18 or you could sign your own forms

  5. Can not fly?
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  6. lol i googled dentist note i didn't even read it lol :D
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  7. just go to the doctors and make up a story
  8. Im in college and i am a chick!
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  9. Thanks for the responses though

  10. You mean you have tits and youre on the internet?:eek:

    +rep :ey:
  11. [quote name='"IsWhatItIs89"']Thanks for the responses though[/quote]

    Why do you need a note than ? Your paying them to attend ...
  12. idk it was worth a shot!
  13. It's possible to fake it, but you do know that would be a federal crime right?
  14. go to an urgent care or after hours clinic. if you are sick that is ;););). they are fast usually, and give you a note if you say uve already missed a day and still dont feel well :wave:

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