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HELP!!! disease? toxicity? deficiency? bugs?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by evan243446, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. 52100D88-53C8-49ED-9C19-ADF8AAA496BE.jpeg BCC6F150-03AC-4CE5-B476-0A0E647FBDE4.jpeg EB113011-D7F5-4369-9EC7-23A4C11038C1.jpeg 16C679C2-978B-4F90-8B3F-262DFF007F32.jpeg EAC261D9-7A13-4ED2-802C-60D6A656F675.jpeg D1F1523E-5F11-4873-AD28-98DF3C94A573.jpeg 50CE9C09-F93E-492B-9A2C-660B939F887B.jpeg A3C0DA64-C962-407B-AA57-63E3FE4308EB.jpeg B476183A-1326-45C3-886C-12FEAC3C2555.jpeg 329F7816-D019-4855-9691-B053D0A55ECF.jpeg 192D6843-0B09-4854-896F-A332DC936E15.jpeg 5922F3C3-5121-451C-AE9A-035308A868B3.jpeg C51A2C54-C549-483C-AA58-D6EC39B85B38.jpeg This is my first grow. I have 3 Sour Diesel females from seed. Switched to flower 4 days ago and all problems followed. I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil as well as the trio for soil (Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom) and I am using the feeding schedule that Fox Farms recommends. They are just over 2 months old from sprouting. I am using two supposed 300W led’s at 12/12 they were 20/4 in veg and 24/0 the first 2 weeks after sprout. I am growing in a tent inside of my house so humidity and temperature are not a problem (75-85 degrees F and 40-50% humidity) I ph the feeding and water to 6.0-6.4 and my runoff is reading 5.2-6.0. I recently found aphids that took over quickly. The second day into flower I noticed them all over and a few leaves starting to rust and brown. I pretty much defoiliaged the shit out of them (getting bugs off/ gnarly looking leaves) and I mind you the leaves were perfect almost too perfect the whole grow very lush and darker green full in color. After defoliation I sprayed them with 3 tsp of dawn soap mixed with 1 gallon of ph tap water in a round up bottle. The next day the leaves that were green the day before were rusting and browning and curling up like a taco ( only the top of canopy) so I ran to the local grow shop and picked up some calmag thinking it was a deficiency (they have never had calmag before) and went home they each got a gallon of ph spring water with calmag added at the recommended dose and watered. The next day the plants had not improved and I was surprised to find that newer growth was starting to be affected. Talked to a buddy and determined they were being underfed. I have been using the soil and sticking a finger down to feel if it’s moist or not. Well they had gone over 72 hours without any water and were use to getting fed every other day or sometimes 3 days but I guess it’s different now because the light is only on 12 hrs a day vs 20 so that’s an additional 8 hrs of darkness and I guess that could have an effect on soil. So yesterday I fed and today I fed and the new growth is coming out a light green and the plants are starting to look better. Guess it takes a few days to see a rebound? So any ideas on what the problem could be or if I fixed it? I forgot to add I sprayed the plants again with the big spray and got dark spots on leaves the next day. Could it be the spray? Over water, under water, disease from bugs, bugs or some kind of deficiency or toxicity? Any help would be appreciated I don’t want to loose my first plants. 52100D88-53C8-49ED-9C19-ADF8AAA496BE.jpeg A3C0DA64-C962-407B-AA57-63E3FE4308EB.jpeg A3C0DA64-C962-407B-AA57-63E3FE4308EB.jpeg 329F7816-D019-4855-9691-B053D0A55ECF.jpeg

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    Looks like some nitrogen toxicity and maybe more. Others could likely give you a bit more insight into this.

    What medium are you using?

    Soil or hydro?

    Edit: nevermind I see you’re using soil after a reread.

    Your feeding zone ph is a bit low which could be causing at least some of your issues.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  3. Looks like you stated flushing too early
  4. Any chance their was some left over glyphosate in that round up bottle?

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  5. No it was a new bottle
  6. How close are your lights to plants? Some of those pics looked like heat stress. Also did u use plain dawn dish soap or an antibacterial one?
  7. Looks like a combination of things. From the pictures i would say heat + calcium deficiency. Try raising your lights and using Cal-mag.
  8. Calcium magnese Boron and or iron .... use calmag as a folier to get them to it faster. Id guess that you had a major ph shift in a watering or two.. PROBABLY low?? Is the new growth pale and the vains green?

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  9. Also it helps to know mobile from immobile nutes. If it is only effecting new growth its immobile if its moving through the plant its mobile. This can help pinpoint if its micro or macro. Through my experiences when we get any kind of deficiencies or toxicity lock out happens. Its a couple week process to reverse and can be devastating especially during flowering when time is set. Foliar feeding while rebalancing your soil is probably the best way IF you are starting to experience lock out. Seeing that you are on point with ph and seeing this problem is a little odd. Are you adjusting ph before adding nutes? If so don't... adjust after. Also are your nutes in good order? Kept well? Smell funny? Oh and does the run off smell good as in earthy or organic or sulphur smell?

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