HELP! Did I smoke laced marijuana?

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  1. Yesterday was one of the worst experiences of my life. I had smoked twice before, but I felt I had never been truly "high". I decided I'd smoke about 3/4 of a gram (a lot for me) in one sitting. I went outside and took probably about 5 or 6 hits. Everything was fine, I wasn't feeling anything yet. Then, my neighbor's car pulled out of their driveway and I quick got up and ran inside. As I shut the door, I felt a strange sensation, as if my brain was being pulled down through my body and I had a weird copper taste in my mouth. My heart was beating fast and I got scared and ran up into my bedroom and sat down, and the feeling of being pulled down came back. Then I decided I'd go sit back outside, and when I did, I couldn't focus on anything. The ground was flipping and I had to consciously stare at the grass to stay awake. I heard chimes and a clicking sound, and my heart was still beating. It might be worth mentioning that I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, so it might just be that. Anyway, I decided to take a walk down my driveway. As I was walking, I heard my neighbor's dog bark and it was all distorted and high pitched. Then, as I turned around to walk back inside, the sensation of my feet hitting the ground felt like it was in the wrong place, and then it looked as if I was 30 feet tall. I went inside and laid on my couch, and I could barely move. It took me at least 10 seconds to focus my eyes and move. I looked at the clock and it had only been about 15 minutes, which felt absolutely ludicrous, I thought it had been at least an hour. Then I heard chimes, but they slowed down and got deeper. I essentially passed out while trying to watch YouTube, and then I went upstairs and tried to watch it again. The entire time, my chest was hurting and I felt as if I was having a heart attack. I tried to watch YouTube upstairs but I couldn't focus, I was barely conscious. I realized after about ten minutes that I had forgotten to swallow, and I had saliva all inside my mouth. After about an hour and a half, it almost completely stopped. I got up, ate, played some video games and watched tv. I tried to go the gym, but everything was too foggy and I was tired. I came home and went to bed, but as I was falling asleep, my heart started beating faster and my room started spinning. After about 30 minutes, i took deep breaths and got my heart beat down to normal, and felt relaxed. I fell asleep and woke up this morning with my heart beating fast again. I took deep breaths and it slowed. Does this sound like laced marijuana or just a panic attack? What should I do from here? Thanks in advance.
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  2. Oh thank god, I was so scared I was going to have permanent brain damage. I suppose it makes sense, I'm a worry wart and I'm guessing I got scared at the first effects and started freaking out, which amplified the sensations. Thanks man.
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  3. You were just too high if it was laced give it to me.
  4. Too high? Meaning I smoked more than I could handle?
  5. I love how I can count on atleast ONE of these threads being made every day.
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  6. Is that a good thing?
  7. Yeah man, it was just a shock to the body, weed takes around 5-10 miniutes to fully kick in so don't do more because you can't feel it straight away my man! Don't let this experience put you off, eventually you will wish you could get that high again :(
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  8. Not really, but sometimes they make me laugh.
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  9. I never want to experience that again. I'll probably smoke again though, just one or two hits just to get a little buzz. But yeah, I took about maybe 5 or 6 hits in like 10 minutes, so I probably just overdid it and then got scared.
  10. I miss the days of getting that high:(
  11. You enjoy getting so high you forget what realm you're in?
  12. No I miss getting that high. Lol I know what "realm" I'm in. It's called reality
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  13. No you are just a n00b
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  14. It was only you're third time smoking. Not laced marijuanas
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  15. If your weed was laced you paid extra for it and the dealer mentioned why it cost so much. The idea of "laced weed" was created by cops and politicians because they knew they couldn't scare people away from natural weed. Throwing away money to get you abnormally high isn't something dealers do for a laugh.

    Weed can trigger panic attacks- this is especially true when smoking pure sativa strains.

    This will almost definitely happen again. The good news is you've been through it before now. It gets a little easier to talk yourself out of it each time it happens.

    Best advice I have for you is to pace yourself when you smoke or buy a good vaporizer. I have yet to have any anxiety issues when vaporizing- even while using strains that tend to trigger me when smoking.

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  16. Thanks man, this helps a lot. I've taken medicine for anxiety before and I've had panic attacks dozens of times so it makes sense that's what happened. I had smoked too much in a short period of time and my body got scared when I started feeling the effects, and thus amplified them. I plan on not smoking again, this experience has turned me way off to smoking.
  17. Good luck, sativas can cause paranoia and anxiety, indicas have a harder time doing that. When a newbie freaked out in a sesh with me I just told them, "its weed no ones ever died from it, and you were expecting to be feeling something, rather than nothing right? So enjoy these effects ur fine" and they mellowed out after like 4 mins n was all chill.

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  19. Wtf? Am I fucking stoned or does this make no sense?

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