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Help! Did i make a noob mistake??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LiveAndLearn420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Ok so I let some bud sit in olive oil crushed up and covered it. Is there any chance of it geting moldy over the days? It sure does smell like it when I try to cook with it... :(
  2. first of all , why did you let it sit in olive oil ?
  3. I think I am just really paranoid. Can you make cold infused weed oil?

    Idk though... Moisture has always been my falure when it came to cannabis but I thought it would extract over time? Maybe I'm wrong maybe i'm right? Anyone know?
  4. Ive heard of letting bud sit in peanut butter, i guess oil would work. Why dont you just put it in an airtight container and you should be good against mold
  5. I don't have the cash to get an airtight container. It was just something I thought of. I used a cup and a sandwich bag. I think that is pretty air tight but just to be sure I'm going to use all of the oil tomorrow. I ate some now with some cheese and rice and it was pretty good but the only thing i'm worried about is the bud on the side of the cup that is not soaked in the oil. I should push it down so it is soaked. Or maybe I am just paranoid. lol. Mold is a killer and it grows quick and I'm always paranoid about moisture but I don't think it can mold that quick because of the fat it has on it? Idk.
  6. Thank you guys for replying.
  7. I feel like mold can't grow on oil typically...? Mold needs sugars and water right?
  8. I think. I love you smart people on here. Make me feel better :) Hopefully the spoon that I did in to get the oil didnt touch anything. Idk I'm super paranoid. One time I droped some water in a bag to remoister some bud and put it away for like 5 days and it was completely black. I just didnt want the same thing happening in the cup. I think i'm fine but I am really paranoid because my adenoids are already inflamed and my room has a mold spot from moisture and my dad is too cheap to fix it so I'm constantly at battle with my teeth and adenoid and do not want to run in to mold or anything. You can see why I am paranoid.
  9. theres water in oil rite? also without usinf heat you have to leave the weed in the fatty substance for weeks
  10. [quote name='"BotanistJJ"']theres water in oil rite? also without usinf heat you have to leave the weed in the fatty substance for weeks[/quote]

    I doubt there's water in oil - unless moisture was introduced by a third party contaminate
    But true that about the cold infusion
  11. So what causes mold then? Just water can make it mold? The fat stops it? Confusion lol. Yeah I dont heat it until I warm my food up to eat in a pot. I throw a little cheese for the sat. fat. and take a spoon and throw in the oil and it works nice. I just dont want the bud to go bad that is on the side of the cup just incase it is holding water and not oil like the bud soaked at the bottem (paranoia) lol.
  12. The most realistic situation is the oil will sit there and nothing will happen. Don't open the bag until its ready from now until later, otherwise you risk adding moisture into the bag, and while a tiny bit of moisture won't proliferate too much growth, better safe than sorry.
  13. Thank you highpothesis. Safe is better then sorry but I don't like cold infusion because of taking out a little everytime and having the risk of moisture. I'll stick to canna peanutbutter. Much more safer because it gets hard after. Although I am not smoking it if a tiny bit of mold got on it when I heat it the only risk would be inhaling it but we are fine eating tiny bits of mold. I think I should be fine but just to be on the safe side from now on I am going to only use peanut butter and foil. Don't even have a pan. lol.
  14. I know peanut butter will work if you let it sit bud idk about olive oil.
  15. Did you decarb the bud first? if not, a few days isn't going to do much for you.
  16. Scientifically speaking, mold would need air and water. Oil should actually prevent it from molding. Oil can get rancid over time, so it should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place.

    All of that said, you might be disappointed because I don't think you'll really get much THC out of it that way, especially if you didn't decarb it first. It isn't really THC in your bud until you bring it to a high enough temperature (unless it's really old) to change it's molecular structure.

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