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  1. as you can see the new leaves are very droopy. Im pretty sure they arent over watered becouse i just watered for the first time in two days.. Using black gold all purpuse soil. Bottled water with 1/4 nutes (not sure of the brand). Using standard 1 1/2 inch flour tubes.

    Also they look a bit pale here and there and also around the leaves. I have another plant that is about the same size and is much more happy looking. and a bit darker green..

    Any help, thoughts, and suggestions are welcomed

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  2. Here is a good website to help you now and in the future to diagnose your girls. From what it looks like it could be that your locking out your nitrogen due to overwatering. Check out the site. It has helped me out many times. Good luck bro.
  3. thanks for the link
  4. ph checking is always good. how old is it?
  5. i checked the soil ph and it says around 6.5 to 6.8. But thats with a mechanical tester so who knows. And today is day 22
  6. So here is an update.. Its gotten worse. Now all the plants are doing this. I included a pic of another one of my plants and it is pretty droopy..

    soil PH is 6.8..

    leaves are a bit stiff and drooping downwards and curling in. so im guessing they are over watered.

    A little yellow around the edges so that should mean there is a magnesium deficiancy.. or maybe a calcium def? Im not sure if this would mean too much calcium or not enough.

    Also some little burn marks which seem to be random.. there is one rite in the middle of the leaf and another on the edge.. Since i beleive it is over watered i should wait till the soil is dry completely than flush in hopes to get.

    So if you were in my shoes what would you do?

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  7. No one has a clue? I'm gonna flush them soon
  8. Cody did you get my reply to your message?

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