Help diagnosing my Blue Dream

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fitzgenius, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. I have a problem with my 2 week old plant. Leaves look burned. IMG_2787.JPG

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  2. Yeah, looks like shit. How about some information?
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  3. Same thing happened to me a week or so ago with a plant, and now it thrives. Probably nute burn in my case. The top growth looks ok, and it will probably do well.
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  4. What info can I provide you so you can help?

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  5. What did you do?

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  6. Lights, temps, humidity, soil mix, age. Etc.
  7. Light HID 150 W
    PH between 6-6.5
    Temps range from 69-89
    Flood and drain set up
    2x2 tent
    Had setup for about 4 years. Last used about 4 years ago.
    Humidity???? Not sure

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  8. Your ph is too high. Hydro ph should be 5.6-5.8
    What are your ppms/ec? Or what nutes are you using and how much in how much water.
    How often are you flooding? Are you flooding during light off?
    Also try and keep your temp swings at least with in 10 degrees.

  9. In my opinion just keep things simple. Use quarter strength fertilizer pH balanced until your plants are bigger and can handle more. Do this and your plant will end up fine. Your newer growth looks like it should so there's no real worries.


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