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  1. Guys I'm almoost 2 months into flower and my plants seems to be developing a deficiency, any clue by looking at the pictures attached? Strain is noethern light and it basically just smells like fresh grass. My other northern light reeks but the buda are small. Plz help

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  2. Toward the end of the flower cycle as the plant begins to reach full maturity, it starts to use the sugars stored in the leaves as energy to help finish out the buds. It's totally common for your plant to experience a "shedding" of sorts. But it's just the plant pulling every bit of energy out of the leaves that it can. No big deal. No problems. From this point on, your plant will get uglier and uglier, but it's working on fattening up the buds and not on growing leaves. Keep pouring the good flower lighting to it and use a jeweler's loupe to check the trichomes. You need to reach a point where there is at least 25% amber coloring overall in the trichs before pulling the plant. Anything above 25% amber just means your plant will be more potent. Happy growing!! TWW
  3. You sir are nearing the end of flower! CONGRATULATIONS! Really well done! Do not feed her nitrogen as tempting as it is with the yellowing. Shes going to use the last of what she has to swell up. Im 5 days away from chop. And mine looks a little like this. Use a loupe 60x is best or magnifier and look at trichomes. Clear is no bueno cloudy is full thc. Amber is couch lock high i go 80 cloudy 20 amber. [​IMG]

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  4. Your plants have used up all the nitrogen which at this stage of your plants life is not an issue if you were early in flower some correction would be a good idea but as far along as your girls are just let them stay the course and soon youll be enjoying some smooth smoke.,,
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  5. no deficiency, its completely normal for the plant to shed fan leaves towards the end of her life. I made this mistake my first time as well, thought there was some kind of deficiency, started trying to add all kinds of shit, for no reason. Ended up chopping it a few days later lol. It all comes with experience, but that looks pretty damn nice for your first one.
    Now is the worst part, waiting for the right time, and then actually cleaning it. You don't have much to clean there, but make sure you dry/cure it properly and you will be enjoying it for a while :)

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