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  1. Got these girls sitting week 7/8ish in flower (depending where u start counting) and they been yellowing a bit. Nute burn nitrogen clawing so I flushed em but the ones that weren't as clawed are now looking deficient. There are yellow drooping leaves and on one theres some ruddy brown coming in from the leaf tissue (not the stems or close to them). I just watered so have to wait(?). What nutrients should I add?
    Here's some pics.

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  2. I think at this point I'd leave them alone and let them finish.
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  3. Good plants are suppose to yellow up in late flower (!) This is a good thing normally. The last picture indicates a phosphorous deficiency. I don't know when you plan to harvest, but I would just hit it with a booster (if even) and then flush till harvest.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I was thinking they were just finishing but no amber trichs yet. My first two harvests I took a little early and both were week 10ish of supposedly 8 week strains so I'm thinking they have at least another two weeks to go. Maybe a small (1/4) nutes of phosphorus? Then flush a bit in a week?

    Btw these were free seeds so no idea on stains and they're all different I think
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  5. yes, KoolBloom or something similar. That's what I like, yellow plants full of trichomes... I don't really like overtly green buds.
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