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    This is my first attempt to grow cannabis. Even after allot of research I am not completely confident in what I'm doing. My plants are only a week into growing but a couple of them are looking a little wilted and/or bending over like they can't support their own weight. This is an indoor closet grow using Scotts soil with a 400w HPS light. I have good ventilation sucking up into our attic and a small fan for a cross breeze. The temp is consistently around 75F-80F. I had the light about a 1.5ft above the plants but moved it to just over 2ft above. I have been watering the plants every morning along with misting them in the morning and evening. I have a feeling I am over or under watering them because I know I don't need nutrients yet and some of the plants look great... So is there a problem with them or am I just being paranoid?

    Edit: Also I'm going to buy a moisture meter tmr if I can find a cheap one.

  2. Well, they'll be fine. They look healthy,
    so I suggest this:

    Get rid of the glass jars and repot them to bigger pots
    that are opaque.

    Bury them to about 3/8 inch before those little round
    leaves, called the Cotyledons.

    Keep them moist, not wet.

    They stretched becuz of the distance of the lights.

    IMO, HPS sucks for seedlings becuz of this fact.
    CFLs are great for seedlings/young plants.

    Try to move the lights closer without the canopy temp
    going over 82 degrees.

    This will help.

  3. any idea on what a safe distance to put the light at would be? and I know the moisture meter would help with this but what is the best way to know when to water them?
  4. easiest method is hydroponics more control...
  5. Youre just gonna have to tinker
    with it until u find that sweet spot.


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