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  1. My plant has brown spots on the leaves and I have also noticed some spotting. The leaves are also getting lighter in color like they have a N deficiency. I am not sure what the problem could be. Temperature is between 75-82. Ph is between 6.2-6.5. Rh sits around 35-45. I use the fox farm trio and I have a auto that is watered with the same water that this plant does but it does not have the same symptoms.
    Also some of my leaves look like they are purpling. Could it be a Calmag deficiency?
    Any feedback would be very appreciated.

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  2. I had the same problem, in seedling stage and worked out it was phosphorus google it and see what you think..
  3. That answer I will have to leave to you bro I'm still not completed my first grow... but I just had the same problem and looked like the same problem... sorry man
  4. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  5. Thanks man Im going to try flushing and upping the dosage of flowering nutes.
  6. Could be cal mag, I'm also about to finish my first grow using ffof and the ft nutes, I ended up getting a magnesium deficiency followed by a calcium deficiency a few weeks after. Not saying this is your problem, but it's possible. I would try cal mag. I already ordered some for my next grow

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  7. looks like potassium and phosphorus...maybe calcium as well ..either way the fix is the same flush with 1/4 strength nutes.NEVER with plain water as this screws the cation feeding ratio to cannabis creating problems later on...after you see it stop that and the new growth come out nice and green then bump up the ec level to normal. and make sure the RUNOFF ph is in the right range ...or else it won't matter what you do.


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  8. You judge the overall health of the plant by the new growth. If anything you're looking at is on old growth, forget about it. If your plant has been in the same soil (and I assume it has since it's an auto), you're going to have to take care of feeding it now because it has depleted the soil of nutrition. Not sure if you have been feeding it yet or if so, what you've been doing, but if the color overall washes out to a more yellowish color instead of the rich blue green that a healthy plant is in color, it's probably hungry and needs fed. They need more of some nutrients during flower than others...which is why it's important to listen to or read all that boring info on plant nutrition. If you want to use nutes to your benefit, you need to understand how and when the plant uses them and how to administer them to your benefit. During flower, you'll have dying off of foliage and that is normal. Right now is a bit early to have any sort of major die off. Toward the end of the flower cycle, the plant will use the sugars stored in the leaves to help with finishing out the buds and you have a shedding where lots of leaves yellow and die....totally normal. But that shouldn't be happening right now with your plant. My guess is it's hungry and needs fed. Do you allow it to dry out completely between watering episodes. Should be able to lift the container and feel NO weight every time before watering/feeding a plant. They hate having roots sit in wet soil constantly...which is why having the right soil mix is so important. Got to have the drainage the plant needs to let water drain away from the root ball. Overall, your plant doesn't look too bad to me. Just keep an eye on the new growth for problems. Old growth represents time already past and there is nothing you can do to change what's going on. Once a leaf begins to turn color or deteriorate in any way, it will eventually die. They don't heal themselves. But if the overall color of your plant is that rich blue green we associate with a healthy plant, it's just fine (new growth mainly). But don't freak out during flower when you have foliage die away. That's just the plant doing it's thing. As long as you're watering and feeding properly and providing it with enough wattage to produce, it's fine. It's not going to be that beautiful green leafy thing you've adored for the first part of it's life. They get really nasty and ugly looking before harvest. TWW
  9. This statement is not true. Mobile elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium first display signs of a deficiency in the older growth. Immobile elements like sulfur, iron, and calcium first display signs of a deficiency in newer growth. Your statement suggests that a grower should ignore a magnesium deficiency because it's on old growth. To quote you from another thread: "you have no idea what you're talking about".
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  10. Once again. This TWW guy gives his version of how to do things. I wonder how many ppl he's fuct up by writing huge texts, seeming like he's smart or something. Anything that makes sense you can tell he copied and texted it. The rest, is opinion based BS. TWW you confuse and mislead more than you don't. STOP trying so hard for a newbie to follow the BS you just said would be terrible. Yesterday I called you out on another BS opinion saying the ph for SOIL is 6.3 anyways get with it. TWW ..or shut the BS UP.

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  11. TWW is female and she yields a whopping 10oz. per 1000w HPS - that's an impressive .28 grams per watt. Yet she continues to mislead new growers with false and possibly damaging information.
  12. WOW ..a whopping 10 ounces huh LOL. Good to know. I've read a bunch of Bible style long text bullshit from that woman then ..I was wondering ...then I caught on. 0.28 per watt ? Sounds right for someone who knows alot of wrong information ..That's dangerous in a forum . GOTTA let ppl know ...TWW is your nightmare in here.


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    Thanks for the feedback everybody it's definitely appreciated. To avoid any confusion the big girl is a photo seed (Desconocida Kush) that I vegged for 49 days. I flushed her yesterday with faucet water that I let sit out for 24hrs that I ph'd down to 6.2-6.5 . I believe that it was potassium/Phosphorus Def. If you check out my first grow you'all see that my first plant was a lot smaller in comparison to this one. The plant started out in a 13-14in tall pc case so it was that big of a plant. I realized where the mistake I made was after reading your comments. I was treating her as if she was my first plant and feeding her less nutes when she was most definitely telling me that she wanted more lol. I flushed her until the water pretty much came out clear and the run off was a solid 6.4. I fed her 1ml of GrowBig, 2.5ml of Big Bloom, about 2ml of Tiger Bloom and 1l of Pk 13-14. It has only been a day since the watering but she has responded beautifully to it so far. There has definitely been some growth and she has put on a lot of trichs. I also read a lot. As much information as I can mostly micro grows but just about anything. The new growth is the dark blue green color and she looks to be real happy with the new set of nutes.
    Temp is between 75-82
    Rh 35%-45%
    I'll be putting my dehumidifier in the case in a few days or so.
    These are pictures of the big girl.
    These are pictures of the auto plant that is in the same case. It is a random feminized auto seed from the Buddha assorted 10 pack that I purchased from herbies. The buds are purple and pink and look amazing. I wish I would have known that she would look like this I would have definitely saved the seed to grow a big plant instead of having an auto going so I could have some nice smoke while I wait for the big girl to finish. She is super icy and has about 2-3 weeks left. [​IMG]
    I wish I could describe the smell. Its citrus like and it is very strong. As soon as the case is opened the smell fills the room.
    I'll probably be copying this post to post to the journal as an update.

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  14. sweetness man nice work ..I can see th plant correcting itself..keep it up post more bud porn.


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  15. Thanks man and subscribe to the journal I'll be posting lol. I think that I may start a YouTube channel soon.

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  16. Dam that purple is crazy! I wonder what strain

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