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  1. I believe I’m getting close to finishing blue dream. She’s been flowing for just under 10wks. I’m getting anxious with less day light and colder temperatures. Should I start flushing, I believe I’m starting to see some amber? I screwed up my last grow jumping the gun . I planted in ocean forest soil using foxfarm liquid nutrients. Thanks for any feedback

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  2. You don't need to flush.
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  3. Looks like some serious CBN change going on...enjoy the couch!
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  4. What happened to the leaves?
    I agree with @sweedright .
  5. She is done. Take her.

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  6. from what i see you can harvest any time what i do personally is the day before harvest is pour about 5 gallons of water through them then harvest at first light or right before dawn also make sure you have your dry/cure space dialed in to about 65f 65%rh and good luck you can skip the water part but cutting at first light does help
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  7. they done ? I see amber . Flush. Not to flush. If you want to run plain water for a week before there done go for it .
  8. They look ready now, flushing for a week may not be your best idea. Every grow is a learning grow, write it down and take your new knowledge to the next grow!!
  9. I never flush.........except after I crap.
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  10. Did you just use bro science? I remember you being firmly against these viewpoints.
    I don't see anything in the literature that indicates a speedy decline of cannabinoids.
    IIRC, neither is the color change associated with CBN.
  11. Well, I do use bro science on occasion, but qualify it by calling it what it is when I do it...

    Funny that you mention trichome color because just last week I was trying to think which episode on Growers Network had some popular cannabis photographer who was disputing that the head changes color, that its more an optical illusion.

    Is that your understanding - color doesn't change, or color doesn't determine cannabinoid type?

    Updated - Found video - 25min mark
  12. That's a really nice picture show :D but there was no discussion regarding trichome color (at that mark or beyond).
    Its true that in vitro and in a chloroform solution, THC has a half-life of 30 min, but I don't think its very rapid in planta. Don't quote me, but I think it was like 15% over a year? Something like that.
    Here's some data from Dr. Potter's doctorate
    You can see that although the highest percentage of THC was detected at week 7, the numbers don't really change much in later weeks.

    He also later states, "The remarkably unchanging cannabinoid and terpene profiles, from the eighth week of the flowering period onward, suggest that the secondary metabolites are stable while sequestered in the trichome. This facilitates the task of the grower of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, as delaying harvest does not appear to affect the specified ratio of metabolites. This is in contrast to observation in other species where the terpene profile changes due to enzymic conversion of one terpene to another".

    OK, but in acknowledgment of your statement, there is a section on the color/potency issue.
    The relationship between trichome colour and cannabinoid content is shown in Figure 3.22. The data were more evenly spread than those from the corresponding trichome density study. The slope of the regression line shows that there is a weak but significant tendency for darker coloured trichomes to be associated with low-potency cannabis samples. Turner et al. (1977), comparing the THC content of colourless and brown capitate stalked trichomes of a single clone, reported that brown trichomes contained less THC per trichome. However, there were no accompanying statistical analyses to clarify the significance of the reported finding.

    For much more, see 3.5.3 Effect of capitate stalked trichome density and colour on cannabinoid content and profile (page 107).
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  14. Another interesting point from the study above -

    The application of potassium bicarbonate (Milstop) to cannabis flowers increased trichome browning compared to the water treated control (Fig. 18) and red shifted the fluorescence color angle compared to the control (Fig. 19, top left), due to a higher number of brown trichomes observed in the treated tissue. Milstop application also reduced trichome density
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  15. that kinda a confusin statement. My position is only as observer and collector of other observations, which indicated by Potter's dissertation (I linked; pg 108 btw) indicates that although CBN was found in darker trichomes, it was not a reliable indicator. Its also not really additive at the levels detected (0.5 - 1.0 % ish?).
    My own observations is that outer leaf trichomes darken faster and I usually crop at ~20% amber and that sometimes the leaf color affects the trichome color, so that darker purple leaves developed darker trichomes faster, so maybe anthocyanin related, or possibly something happening during nitrogen loss and classical fade. I've seen trichomes that are different colors all together, such as those seen at ~25min mark of the video you posted.
    I also don't think the THCA values are going to drop significantly. Instead of 20%, he will have 19.5? bit more CBD maybe? idk.

    That paper you linked, I can only see the abstract. If you want to DL it and share :D it be nice
  16. i prefer my blue dream harvest when i just start to get amber, the stuff is like speed and great day time working smoke and ability to talk to folks without the hey bro attitude hahahah
  17. Ok thanks for all the feedback. A touch over my head but she’s ready. The leaves turned purple when the weather cooled off. I assumed from what I read the color change was from the colder weather. One more question. Bud washing should I or not?
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  18. I never have, some people swear by it. Any bugs in there just add to the flavor haha
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