Help! Deficiency or nute burn?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thatguy89, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Like the title says..theres yellowing on the leaves which makes me think definciency..but theres tip burn..any thoughts?

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  2. rootzone problem..

    what's the ph at runoff?


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  3. Everytime i test the runoff its damn near wht i put it in at...its grown in coco. Watering at 5.8
  4. then what's the ec level going in?

    what you feeding it exactly?


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  5. looks like the plant is asking for more nutrients...coco has zero you have to feed it ..(I feed at 1.2 ec) EVERY single that in coco and you'll never have issues.....NEVER give plain water in coco messes up the cation you need to flush do it with 0.5 ec level nutes.

    bump that one to 1.2 ec and maintaining 5.8 is IDEAL..

    good. LUCK

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  6. Thanks man not sure on E.C but it's a a+b formula for hydro that I'm using..thinking about going to grab canna coco tomorrow. Also using Roots excelurator and calmag+ and potassium silicate. I was feeding 2ml per L of the a+b to be cautious went to the store and buddy said it looks like I'm starving the plants and to feed 5ml /L right away
  7. You were right on the root zone prob...didn't mix the perlite good enough with the coco...had half an inch of dead roots at the bottom of my pot from drying out too fast and learn

    First grow

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