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  1. Whats up guys. I just need some quick help deciding on some strains for my next grow. I didnt know where else to post this so I figured here would be the best.

    My grow closet hold up to four plants and I want to do four separate strains but am stuck on six. If you guys could pick the four best in your opinion on the list that would be very helpful.

    Sensi seeds NL5x Haze
    DNA Gentetics Chocolope
    Serious seeds White Russian
    Greenhouse seeds Super Lemon Haze
    Reserva Privada Kosher Kush
    G13 Labs Pineapple Express

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Ive done kosher, nlxhaze, and slh which are all some of my favs..I wouldnt do 4 sativa doms unless you have the room and flower em early
  3. Other than the White Russian, it looks like you want to grow mainly sativa-dominant strains.   I'm currently growing chocolope, but I'm only 2 weeks into 12/12 and can't say much at this point, other than I've done a lot of research and have yet to read anything but positive reports.   I've got 2 phenos, 1 taller and one more stocky.
    If you are looking for a really easy to grow and amazing sativa dom cross, I'll recommend Female Seeds C99......uplifting high, unreal Pineapple smell and taste, and very easy to grow.   Flowers fast for a sativa and stays smaller so it is easier to manage.
  4. How was the flowering time and taste on the SLH?   I've read great things about the strain, but have heard a lot of less-than-nice things about GHS, so I'm kind of torn.......I'm looking at the Super Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze for my next run.  As I like the sativas and have yet to grow a Haze cross.
  5. If you do 4-6 different strains....I bet you pull at least 3 bet is to get good at 1 or 2
  6. I respectfully disagree with this opinion....I've been growing 4+ strains since my very first grow, and have never pulled a strain early.    As long as you utilize topping, training/LST to keep the canopy relatively level,  pay close attention to each individual strain's needs, and invest in a good pocket scope to chech the trichs, there is no reason why any of the strains will be pulled early.   On top of that, all of these are well known strains with lots of grow reports available with flowering time info, etc.    With a scope and by doing homework, a grower can see multiple strains to their full potential.
    It can get tricky running indicas and sativas together, but I have mitigated any issues by altering my veg times:  I'll start my indicas first and veg them for 5-6 weeks, and will start the sativas later and only veg them for 2-3 weeks.    This prevents the sativas from overgrowing the indicas and taking over the garden, and also allowes the indicas and sativas to grow to approx. the same height, depending on the strains.    Also, rather than running with a single 1000W lamp, I use 2 x 600 W lamps so that I can have my indicas under one light and my sativas under the other.....this allows me to have 2 canopies, and indica canopy and a sativa canopy.   This way, I get much better coverage and avoid crowding or having to prop up pots when the indicas and sativas are different heights.
    Anyhow, running mixed strains is a lot more work and takes more care and attention, but is 100% worth it come harvest time.    Harvest will usually be a little smaller than when running 1-2 strains, but the amazing variety and having 4+ strains to puff on for months after the harvest makes it well worth it IMO.   Good luck!
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    Ok i see your point....if you have more than one strain in the tent at a time you are not using the tent to its fullest.....having to wait on one plant in the corner to finish while the rest of the tent is a waste...some don't grow for others though so its all about quality at any time frame. That being said you can always get 2 close flowering strains. But how can you really be sure.
  8. Thank you very much for the input! It really does help a lot. The only thing though is that my grow room also has to be my dry/cure room. How should I go about that?
  9. As fast as possible to get more plants in there lol
    Most people running multiple strains (and on GC for that matter) are just growing for themselves.    It doesn't bother me that I'm not using my space to it's fullest......I only do 1-2 crops per year, so I pull my plants whenever they are ready as after I harvest I usualy take 2-3 months off, no rush to get more plants in right away.    With my 2 x 600W lights, I pull between 20-26 ounces per harvest which is MUCH more than I need already, so yield is much less of a concern than quality and variety.     Including different phenotypes within each strain, I end up with 4-8 varieties/strains of smoke every harvest.    I hook up friends with the least favorite of what I grew and hang onto the rest, which lasts me the full year.......I end up with sativas, indicas, hybrids, and smokes of varying potency and flavor.   This way I have a different smoke for any time of day or occasion.....from fruity, functional daytime sativas to pungent, hammering, end-of-the-night indicas.    Everyone's situation is different, but variety is the spice of life so they say, and having multiple varieties of top shelf bud makes up for the loss of a few ounces in my mind.    For cash-croppers that want to crank out endless crops of boring indicas to make a buck, obviously this system does not work.   
  11. I wish I could do that......I just run a sativa set then an indica would be nice personally to have a bunch of different kinds. I could name 10 strains I would love to jam in a tent and call it mine. One day!!!
  12. I hear ya there!  So many strains and so little time  :)   I'm relatively new to this hobby and only have a few grows under my belt, so I'm making up for lost time  :)   Whittling my order down to 4 strains for each grow is a serious challenge and usually takes me a few weeks.   What have you grown lately that you strongly recommend?
  13. Well, if that is the case, and you really have nowhere else to dry and cure, then I would advise against running 4 your situation 2 would likely be better as you will have to harvest all of your plants at the same time (you cant dry and cure properly with lights on).   I'd do some research and find 2 strains that have the same flowering time....all the strains you listed are well known, so you should find all the info you need on them.   This wont ensure success though, as you can always get indica and sativa phenotypes from the same strain that will mature a couple of weeks apart or even more.    Can you explain your setup/space and why you need to dry in your grow space?
  14. Chem 4, sour widow, sfv og kush(the original). I like those.....I'm doing Jedi kush and cherry ak 47 right now and I really dig the smell of Jedi if you like lemons. My favorite fruits are pineapple and grapefruit but the lemon is a close second. I know purps and grapes and shit are everyones fav. but if I don't like the smell I'm sure no dealing with it for months you know. Not a fan of Gdp, purp or purp 2. I'm a sour and diesel fan personally.
  15. I grow in a 2x3 closet in my bedroom. I live in my parents house so my closet is the only place I can set something like that up. I could possibly dry and cure somewhere else but smell is an issue.
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    Cool!   I've yet to try a diesel strain so I'm planning on including one for my next grow.....not sure which breeder I'll go with for that yet though.   If pineapple is your favorite, you gotta grow Female Seed's C99......I'm toking on some right now, and it the most amzing pineapple smell and taste you could imagine  :)
    I also like fruity strains, I've got some Female Seed's Grapefruit going right now along with Next Generation's Grape God (Grapefruit x God Bud).   Also growing Barney's Blue Cheese, DNA's Chocolope, and Delicious Seeds Black Russian.   This harvest should provide a really nice variety of tastes and buzzes.     Taste and smell are pretty huge for me, so I like strains that have something other than the typical "weed" smell  :)
  17. I'll have to check out c99 and grape god sound cool too. Being that I just healed from a broken neck and re-attached arm and foot I try n go with knock you on your ass stuff....but I have found that some of the most potent is not at all the best smell or taste. Thanks for the ideas.....I may phase some new stuff in soon! I really like talking to people who know seems there are too many people making shit up all over......I mean when you hear shit like purple durple space goo and shit you call BS lol
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    Haha, I hear ya.....a lot of grower go chasing the latest and greatest strain fads.   As a relatively new grower, I started with "tried and true" strains....(went with classics like Northern Lights and White Widow on my first run) I'm a bit OCD, so I like to relentlessly research any strains that I grow.   As a result, I don't fool around much with new strains as there is very limited info on them, and with the shitty breeding practices a lot of these companies are employing you never know what you'll get with the flavor of the month/brand new strain.   So far, I've stuck with reputable breeders and strains that have been around for a while.   If I'm happy with the results of a particular breeding company, I'll try another strain or two the next run.
    That's a crazy assortment of injuries you have, best of luck in your recovery!  Makes me feel a bit better about being stuck on the couch with a broken foot, haha.     If you want knock-out, the C99 isnt what you are looking's a very fast Sativa (9 weeks), which provides  a very uplifting, functional high.   In small amounts, it's the perfect daytime larger amounts, it's TRIPPY as all hell   :)   It tastes so amazingly like Pineapple that I often find myself overindulging and getting spaced-out high, haha.   It's a fantastic strain though, I submitted a very thorough smoke report in the smoke report section if you are interested in the strain and feel like reading.   I highly recommend it to everyone, hands down the best strain I've grown so far. 
    If you want knock-out/medicinal quality smoke, I'll let you know how the Grape God turn out as it is supposed to be a very heavy hitter in that regard.  Jay from Next Generation is a solid Canadian breeder who has been working with Grape God for over 10 years (it's his signiture strain).   Supposed to be a heavy yielder of fuely/grapefruit tasting goodness.......very robust so far, with the biggest nugs of any of my plants at 3.5 weeks flower.   Already smelling great too  :)
  19. Thanks for the wishes and the info.....keep me updated....ill let you know how my strains are in a few weeks. You really got me thinkin about this grapegod. It is very smart how you started....tried and true strains will never let you down and the chances of stable genetic is almost 100% with old chem family and sfv og kush have been around a long time.....I think chem is over 25 years old and the San Fernando Valley og kush is up there in age Aswell....sour diesel from the east coast is old too....have a good night.....later

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