Help decide what new Digi Ballast will be at my store

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  1.   Hello everyone!
      Its been a while Grass City, but I figured there's no better place to get real feedback from growers, then someplace like this. 
      So I manage a small hydro/aquaponics store in a very cold, undisclosed, location, and we were looking to expand the products we carry a bit.  In the upcoming week or so, we plan on finding a new ballast to add to our shelves, along with a new line of nutrients, a new line of bulbs (preferably dual ended), and hopefully a few other thing along the line.
      I will say this, we have been open for a little over a year now and have strong ties with hydrofarm and sun leaves BWGS.  Having said that, our main line of ballasts are the LUMATEK and PHANTOM series.  So take that into consideration before suggesting them.  
      I really am leaning towards the matrix line, mainly for of the dual ended bulb compatibility guarantee.  They make a pretty solid line of bulbs as well, but I'm here to hear from the voices of the people!
      So please, I would love to hear from suggestions, any small named brands I should look into? some new "up-and-comer"?  
    Thanks In Advance!!!

  2. I use Nanolux.  They have yet to fail me but I don't have anything else to compare them to.  Nice and small with very low heat output.  Plus they look sexy.
  3. I've been seeing a lot of good reviews of the new Gavita lights like the 1000 DE's. They are taking over the shelves of the hydro stores here in CO.
  4. The old shop I worked at had the Gavita PRO 1000 DE.  the unit with the reflector attached directly to the ballast...  The PAR out put was pretty astounding, especially at greater distances from the bulb, but boy those things can throw off some heat.  Hydrofarm and sunlight supply both carry air coolable fixtures now, but I wonder if the gavita remote ballasts are compatible with other DE bulbs on the market...
  5. Yeah I don't know much about 'em myself. Just know that they are gaining popularity very quickly.

    RichardDean is running an indoor op with the Gavita 1000DE's and he seems to really like them so far. You might try to ask him what he thinks of them.

    The SolisTek ballasts seem to be gaining some popularity too.
  6. Self righteous bump
  7. I use digital greenhouse. Crap?

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