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  1. So my room is empty and my mom was like you should paint whatever on your walls, but i dont know what in the world to paint i thought i might get some freinds together and paint it but like i dont know how because all i think about is weed, and like i wont be able to put any direct references on my wall, any help?
  2. ummm does your mom knows whut 420 means, wow i have no ideas at all i went blankminded there.
  3. Well i painted the walls of my living room a few years back and i went for the stars and stripes on one wall and the red star of belgrade on the other so as i could get the whole cold war thing....Peace out....Sid

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  5. you could go for a light sage green, that always looks nice, and it'll remind you of the herb...
    i had light purple walls in my room when i was a kid, and one wall was painted a DARK purple. it was the SHIT having a purple room, let me tell you i thought i was soo cool! :)

    i wouldn't go too crazy drawing potleaves and shit on your walls, because it could get you in trouble with the parents, or maybe law...?? but if you can't get your mind off the herb perhaps a nice light/medium green would work?

    sidious those are some really good paintings, did you paint/design it yourself? that's awesome.
  6. it all really depends on your personal taste, but why don't you try a "hippie" theme? Like a 70's revival or something? You can get some pretty trippy elements for stoners that don't scream "stoner".
  7. Yeah i just painted outlined the stars and stripes with pencil first and then painted it for the red star i'm not finished that yet....i still have the gold oak leaves to put round the's been ongoing for a while, i just need to get off my lazy ass and finish it......Peace out....Sid
  8. hey man... i've done hella drawing and painting on my dorm walls cause... well... cream is the ugliest color to look at... but start with some sharpies.... and even water color works on walls.... the drippy effect is the best part... so you know... light a spliff and drink a little whiskey and i think youll be set....
  9. still not finished the red star yet!! unfortunately, laying the laminate floor in the bathroom is taking up all my time at the mo, and i've got a few mods to do in the grow room....but hopefully i'll have it done for christmas...tnx for the compliment, i'll let you see it when it's finished, i also painted a poem in chinese in the hall, i'll get some pics of that for you as well.....Peace out......Sid

  10. Paint a clock on the wall, and make the hands point to 4:19, then under it write "Got a minute?

    I don't know if your parents know about 4:20, but if they don't, that would be perfect.
  11. lmfao, thats a good one... any poster will do the trick, just search for posters on google, preferably marijuana ones... fuck just go to college and do everything like smoke and drink and have sex all in one night... while decorating the room!
    peace and happy everything

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