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Help dealing with family member doing jail time

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. So last night the cops raided my brother's house. That's pretty much all I know. Him and his roommate were just sitting there and the cops busted in (with a warrent of course). weed, shrooms, pills, God knows whatelse. This is so much bullshit, but at the same time, its like.. you do you the crime, you do the time. But fuck, my own brother. I don't have a clue how long he'll do, but its nother pety. Fuck.. this really fucking sucks. His graduation from college was today too.
  2. I'm sorry that you was caught but as you said, you do the crime you do the time. You'll just have to make the best of it. Do you know when you'll get out?
  3. That must feel awful to have your brother arrested. Could you help him by being in court, helping with bail, etc.? The court procedures will take a few weeks, at least. If he is sentenced to jail time, visit him. He will need it.
  4. I didn't get arrested, my brother did.

    theres not much I can do now, my dad has bail taken care of. He had his hearing at 10 am, its 11:15 now. I haven't heard from my dad, but yea. it really sucks. I know his court date wont be for a while, our court system is hella slow down here for some reason. but yea.. *sigh*
  5. Damn dude, sorry to hear about your brother.

    Did he just have alot of stuff on him for personal use, or is he a dealer?

    Hope everything works out for you and your family, sending good vibes to you guys.
  6. his roommate was the dealer. so you know.. if youre roommate is one, you're pretty much one too.


    his graduation is in 1 hour and 15 minutes. where is he? jail. they really did choose a great night to bust him.

    maybe this is paranoia, I usually brush shit like this off, but my friends dad is real close with a DEA agent, and says they're watching a friends house I'm always at. We don't move weight, every bit we get is for personal use, but should I still be cautious?
  7. ^^^

    Possibly. When dealing with anything illegal, be it for personal use or for resale, it'd be best to be cautious.

    One of my friends deals, and he's always real sketchy about stuff. Undercover's have been watching his place ever since he got caught with some weight.

    There's another person I know who sells trees, and occasionally mushies and yay. I'm always kinda on my feet when I go there. Plus he's got a collection of knives and what not.
  8. Around where I am they had a HUGE bust a little over a year ago. They busted about 25 dealers and conspirators. They taped over 700 phone convos, and it's quite possible my voice may have been on more than one. I knew some of the people who got arrested a little, I knew some of them really well. One of them actually got arrested twice for dealing, had his house raided twice too. To be more specific, he dealt weed in weight, ketamine, ghb, coke, shrooms etc. He eventually served 6 months in jail, not bad considering. Some other people just got probation etc with no jail time. Get a good lawyer, and good luck(for your bro)!
  9. we had trouble digging up the bail, a lawyer... hmm. The only way to get a good lawyer right now seems to sell some weed and make some quick cash. When my dad went and got him out, he didnt say thanks or anything. My dad is REALLY pissed about that. He says hes changing his will now because of my ungreatful brother.
  10. If its his first time i doubt he'll get jail time, but if he has record he will definetely be doing time, it also depends on the street value of what he had in his posesition, if had like $1k of drugs it won't be to bad but if he had like $50k+ he'll be in jail.

    Good luck to your brother hopefully he'll get off on some technicality. K+++++++ your way :) :)
  11. sorry to hear that dude, i fpound this

    man, you's dudes get harsh penalties for weed..........if i was caught with an oz in the street the police wouldn't bother with the paperwork........

    hope the case falls apart for you..........innocent till proven guilty, they need to try to prove he was dealing, when you know hw wasn't simply having to live with someone doesn't make you a dealer...........Peace out.........Sid
  12. Straits, you heard anything new yet? Still hoping for the best over here. Keep us updated.
  13. I got arrested many times thankfully only in canada where the laws are a little more lax torwards drugs ... but you should explain to your dad that your brother may not have been in the best mood, and thats why he didnt say thanks ... How old is your brother?, how much did he have?, what do the laws say about drugs in your area?, are the drugs his friends or his as well, if so how much were his, how much did he know was there, and other then that its no big fking deal that your brother got arrested, it may seem like that right now but alot of people get arrested .. it doesnt mean hes a bad person or even guilty yet ... My suggestion is to talk to everybody your unfortunatly going to have to be the peace keeper, and I also reccomend moving out of georgia asap, come to canada where nobody would give a rats ass about useres, here in canada they barely even go for the peddelers just the big time dealers ...

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