HELP! Curling Leaves, need advice, PICS

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  1. Randomly my leaves just started curling and the fan leaves are feeling pretty crispy. The two strains in the pictures are Grand Daddy Purps and Ice. I keep my temps around 75-85 and humidity between 30-55%. Im growing in a mix of happy frog and Fox Farm ocean. This is in my veg tent and i have a 400 Watt Halide. I water every 5-8 days depenging on conditions with the reccomended amount of "Grow" and I just started using diamond black, and CaMg with the "grow" by General Organics. The plants are about 5 1/2 weeks into vegging. I had a spider mite problem and have been consitently spraying foliage with azamax as well as 2 soil drenches. I stopped using Azamax about a week ago when spider mites dissapated. There is still a slightly strong smell of the azamax in the tent :/. I heard Azamax doesn't cause any issues with ph and you can't really over do it with azamax. I would love to know a solution to the problem before its too late. The guy at the grow store told me to use some of their "tea" that they brew there with tons of micro-organisms in it for the plant to recover, and if all fails use some revive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:smoke:

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  2. And ps i know the clones behind the plant in the second pic look like crap, I'm returning them and getting new ones next week.
  3. She might just need some water, hard to tell. Hit her with a small drop of Superthrive
  4. I think its ph. Lots of have people have been posting ph problems with FF soil.
  5. oceanbreeze777,

    I looks like 2 gallon pots. Hard to tell in the pics. I have some girls in one gallon pots and I would never let them go "5-8 days" without water. I water every other day, at least 16oz, most of the time, my temps and humidity might differ from yours though. I would drop a drop of Superthrive into a gallon water and drench them good. It can't hurt em and you might see a lush, soft, green, bushy beast in 12 hours.

  6. Their actually 5 or 7 gallon pots, i'm not sure because when i bought them all it said was 15 inch pots...but they are pretty big. I always wait for my pots to dry out till about 2 inches down then i water them and normally thats around 5-8 days. Do you guys have any reccomendations for Ph testers? If it was a Ph problem would you suggest using Ph raiser or Ph lower iv'e seen that at the grow store so I know its available if I need it.
  7. oceanbreeze777,

    My bad, I see now that the red beer cups in the background are raised up on something. Now I don't want everyone to laugh all at once but I use a Bio Logi PH Meter I bought at Cabela's like 5 years ago for like $20 and it has worked great. For both my feed plots and and my home grown. :smoke:

  8. I'm wondering what kind of ventilation you got going? Also how close is your light?sounds like it could also be a circulation problem. Are you getting all the stale air out and getting new fresh air blown back in?I also think superthrive couldn't hurt that stuff is awesome.
  9. Its in a grow tent, I had it completely sealed and had ducts running through the light and out the back and i have a oscliating fan hanging just above the plants circulating air. However, until just 2 days ago i never had the screened vents opened on the bottoms sides of the tent. I just opened 3 of the 4. Should i have a fan blowing in outside air?
  10. I find it helps a lot if you always have a supply of fresh air coming in and the stale air sent out. The plant rids itself from toxins/poisons from the leaves and the circulation makes it easier on the plant to expel them.if those toxins have nowhere to go they just linger, and then your plants are just breathing in excess toxins.
  11. Also with your plant to pot size ratio you might want to think about watering more often, you may be letting them dry out to much. Because I'm sure your root systems are small in comparison to pot size, so I'm sure what moisture is left after a couple days has probably dropped down lower in the soil then most of your roots actually are. Just my 2cents
  12. Heres some more pics of my setup, and of my plants. They seem to be getting worse? I've taken all of your advice into consideration, im buying a Ph tester today. Check out the new pics any more advice would be great!

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