HELP! Could be gnats? 56K beware

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    So my plants aren't looking so hot. They aren't looking BAD, but not too hot, and I tried very light, and I mean light, amounts of nutes to see if they'd perk up, but no. They seems stunted. I'm not worried about the smaller pots (They are merely an experiment), but the two larger pots I care about, and they are showing some interesting signs. Lightening of the leaves. Not really yellowing but they aren't as dark as I think they should be. Also, I'm going into my third week of veg and they seem stunted (Other than the on that got a little stretchy). Anyway, help a blade out. Here's some pics

    POT 1:

    As you can see with pot one, it's my oldest. It's truly in it's third week and seems stunted, but the cotyledons have begun to fall off. It looks good other than the foliage color, some deformed leaves, and the stuntedness

    POT 2:

    This was different than the first plant in that it popped up with two cotyledons and two little fan style leaves. It was interesting and showed some nice growth...up until recently. It shot right up in the first two weeks and upened up nicely, now it's gone stunty and lethargic.

    Pot 3: (Exerimental pot showing same tendencies as the others)

    Up until yesterday pot three looked really good. It's a week behind pot 1 (Same with pot two and three), but it's similar in size. The two fan style leaves popped up with this plant's cotyledon like the second pot, and showed MUCH stronger growth, but it stretched cause it was far from the light, so I moved it closer and the leaf edges curled so I moved the light away. The curl hasn't fixed itself and the leaves begun to droop.

    And Pot 4 (Another experimental):
    The perkiest and best growing of all the plants, it's a two week old baby with similar symptoms of the other plants. This is the BEST pic I got and you can see the drooping and curling of the leaves. Doesn't seem to show any real deprivations. No marking of the leaves, but it's small like the others.

    SO! Get a good look and check them out. Something is wrong, I just don't really know. They all seem stunted. I'm running 104watts CFL in a stealth grow. Temps are a little high most of the time around 84-86 Farenheit. Humidity may be a little low, but I keep an ice tray (Non frozen) to keep the humidity up. I don't have a great fan, could it be CO2 deprivation?

    My thought is it could be gnats...I keep finding the little buggers just about every time I open the box...not many, I check every time and find between one and I kill them. I know there are probably more. I'll be getting some NEEM soon to add to their water, but I wanted the city's opinion.
  2. I had a similar problem at the beginning of my grow this time tried stealth, was way too hot probly same as yours is, idk or have any experience with gnats so don't know what problems they cause but this was what my plants looked like after 3 weeks from germ and that was simply because of being too hot and no fresh air getting in. hope this might help you in some way


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    ok from the way i see it your plants are at a very early stage still seedlings NOT vegitation yet atleast by the picture, and the bottom leaves will always yellow and fall of eventually.. the other thing is the light green color in the upper region always told me a nitrogen def. nutes for even seedlings are available dont be afraid of nutes even at early stages. also its been my experience that temp drops up or down effect more mature plants such as vegitation stage, than seedling.. unless they are drastic changes that remain constant. so give your babies some nutes and if nothing else get a small cheap fan to help cut down on the temp. it will also make your stalks stronger when they grow. i keep a fan on my seedlings 24/7. also gnats are more of pest to you than your plant and they wont make your plant change colors. an infestation of gnats means theres to much water laying around. keeping your run off water dry as much as possible and not over watering will help detour them. over watering may sometimes cause yellowing also. .....hope this helps
  4. more sunlight or artificial light less heat


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