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HELP! Cooking in a crockpot

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nicholas.s, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Im about to make some good old 'cannaoil' with some herb and coconut oil. Thing is, im only making some with a gran of herb - just to 'test' it i guess... Wouldn't want to waste precious herb.
    Thing is, a crockpot is pretty big and because i will only be using 1g of herb, i will only be making little oil (obviously). I have come up with a method to feel my little bit of oil nice and contained, though; Snapchat-1654856325.jpg

    Here you see a little metal bowl in my crock pot, surrounded by some water. I need to know if this method with work if i pour my oil and herb into the little metal bowl? Will i even need the water that surrounds the bowl? Alternatively i also have an open pyrex glass measuring container that i could use instead.
    Oh, and the little metal bowl is held down by a magnetic weight to stop it from moving and what not.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. No magnet
  3. So my method will work fine, even without the magnet? Also it does not matter it the bowl is floating around?
  4. Didn't say that, just said don't use a magnet. Besides any possible health risks, heating a magnet will make it no longer magnetic ;)

    What I would do: Get a small pyrex dish (or whatever) and just set it in it (no water). Keep it simple.
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  5. Oh.. Guess that is a good point about the magnet haha.. Anyway, that's seems alright. Ill use the pyrex dish that i have with no water. Thanks!
  6. All you really need to do is decarb your gram. 240F for 40 minutes then mix with oil and strain, or leave the herb in for all the goodies. If you can't decarb you'll have to cook your oil/cannabis for quite a while. Good luck.
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  7. Joker has given you good advice.
    Let me amplify what he said about "leave the herb in for all the goodies." That means 100% of the thc instead of the approximate 50% for strained oils.
    Magnets won't hurt anything whatsoever.
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    Crock pots are designed to be run full of material and you risk burnout and fire running one empty and they just suck at making canna oil. Toss it back where you found it.
    Toaster oven is what works best IMO as you can do the work outside and not have the house stink like weed for the next 3 days.
    For just a gram you can do it even smaller scale like what I have done my hash caps with.
    Mr. Coffee mug warmer and a stainless steel cat food dish from petco.
    Decarb in the dish with some foil over the top. When you can smell it check and keep cooking for about 30-40 minutes or until it's browner and smells toasted.
    Add just enough oil to cover the crushed decarbed weed. A teaspoon or thereabout likely. Some lecithin will boost the effects but not absolutely necessary your first try.
    Heat blended oil and weed for 20 min. Freeze, Reheat. Done. Enjoy.
    The mug heaters are unregulated 13 watts so you'll need to either switch it off and on or just pop the dish off and on to avoid overheating working with such a tiny amount of oil.
    I use one to keep my hash oil hot for capping or it won't draw up the eyedropper.
    It'll work a hell of a lot better for a small batch then that giant crock pot will and no chance of water fucking the whole attempt to hell and gone.
    $9.99 Bed Bath and Beyond. Seen them for a couple of bucks at the thrift stores after I bought mine.
    While any oil will work Coconut is my go to as it's zero smell-flavor, has a good long shelf life and is the oil of choice IMO.
    Really anything works. From Bacon fat to Crisco shortening and every cooking oil you can name so go on an oil hunt in the kitchen and decide what you can eat straight up. :) MMMMMmmmm. A spoon full of butter? or one of Olive oil? Heh.:)

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    yeah, this makes sense. Will definitely need to pickup a toaster oven... The point of taking it outside is a good one. I do have some questions though! But first, something im not clear about; do you add your oil in when the herb is still in the oven or take it out first?
    Anyways, can you tell me why the herb and oil should be blended with heat (or heated after blended), as Joker1121 suggested alternatively?
    Coming to my second question now- what is the need to freeze after blending & heating? I see that BadKittySmiles does this in her guide but many other people don't do it in theirs. :blush::biggrin:

    And also, as response to bkarnaze and Joker1121, well, that sounds yum! Looks like ill be leaving that herb in.. haha!

    PS: sorry about any sneaky spelling errors; Im doing this on my phone and it is rather tricky.. Lol.

    PPS: Sorry for the lame response time.. I was pretty occupied haha.

    EDIT: What are your opinions on grinding before decarb? I lost my grinder recently and not when when i will buy a new one.. Some sources say you should but i read once that it unnecessary (on some 'myth buster' post on weed or edibles or decarb or something like that). Do i need to grind or no?
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    Grinding after decarb is a little easier, because the herb is less sticky.

    Size of decarbing pieces doesn't matter much so long as the insides of herb pieces are at the same temp as the outsides of the pieces. I use ardent lift to decarb, and don't break buds up much at all, as they recommend.

    After the herb is decarbed, it is as potent as it will ever be, and we try to get as much of the medicine out of the herb and into our bloodstreams. Soaking in something oily seems to soften up the herb particles and make them more digestible, but decarbed herb, all by itself, is still very potent.
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    Grinding after decarb is a little easier, because the herb is less sticky.

    Size of decarbing pieces doesn't matter much so long as the insides of herb pieces are at the same temp as the outsides of the pieces. I use ardent lift to decarb, and don't break buds up much at all, as they recommend.

    After the herb is decarbed, it is as potent as it will ever be, and we try to get as much of the medicine out of the herb and into our bloodstreams.

    My digestive system seems to best be able to do this by using edibles that are large enough to spread the herb around to a large volume of oily material.
  12. @Nicholas.s

    Decarb doesn't seem to matter if the weed is whole buds or ground down to medium fine size.
    The freeze step can be skipped.
    It helps soften the remaining trichome husks in the dry ice hash I use and it makes a marked change in the texture. Unfrozen the oil has a sandy texture that vanishes after the freeze.
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Remove weed from oven
    Blend decarbed weed and oil
    Place back in oven at 220 F for 20 minutes.
    This is partly why I use a stainless dish so I can move quickly from oven to freezer and back to the oven with no fear of shattering a glass or ceramic bowl.
    I've been making and taking massive amount of high grade Cannabis oil since my triple rounds of colon surgery back in 2011 left me with a nasty internal grip in my guts.
    Ranges from mild discomfort to screaming agony and Cannabis oil cuts that down to a most manageable point
    I've made and taken over 10,000 hash-coconut oil caps and I've played with the basic recipe forwards backwards and sideways to improve my medicine and it always circles back to BadKittys numbers.
    Her ratios and time always give me the most bang from my canna dollars, Longest and strongest effects.
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  13. #13 Nicholas.s, Jul 29, 2017
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    Wow... You must really know your stuff then! This method does really seem much easier and faster than what i was planning to originally do. Thanks for this!:thumbsup::biggrin:

    Just one more thing... Smell! Wrapping foil around the herb (and wrapping the metal dish in foil when putting it in oven) would work OK right? Just in case i cant get ahold of a nice toaster oven beforehand.

    Off topic:
    Why isn't cannabis legal worldwide :sad: Imagine how much suffering it could end!
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  14. Alright! Nice to know ☺ thanks for the info!
  15. It'll still stink like a mother through the foil so be warned. Mason canning jars (Ball) can take oven heat if brought up to temp slow and cooled off the same way.
    Method 1
    Place weed in Mason Ball Canning jar, Snug lid ring. Not tight but not loose. The jar will need to vent some pressure as it heats
    Place jar in pan in case the worst happens and the jar cracks
    Place jar in cold oven
    Turn oven on 240 F and heat 60 minutes
    Turn oven off and wait to cool
    Do NOT open oven while hot as the jar will shatter if cold air hits it
    Remove cold jar from cold oven and your done.
    Method 2
    Oven Turkey Cooking Bag.
    Do be sure your using a silica oven cooking bag and not plastic.
    Place weed in bag
    Heat 240 Fahrenheit for 40 minutes
    Done both ways in the distant past.
    Legal here now in California for all intents and purposes so I don't have to give a rats ass what the neighbors think.
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  16. Sounds good! Will have to purchase some silica oven cooking bags then since the whole glass thing seems very risky.. Lol.
    Anyway, thanks so much for your time here and all the very helpful responses!

    EDIT: Just googled silica oven bags- not finding anything related! Would you be so kind to provide an Amazon link or anything similar (if you are able to!) Pleaaaase ☺☺
  17. [​IMG]
    .It's just a standard oven proof bag found in the Supermarket.
    Made from a silica base if I recall but it's not listed as such. It's just not low temp plastic
    Opps my bad. Damn google
    Oven bags, also known as roasting bags, are typically made of food-grade polyester or nylon. or culinary parchment
    End Quote
  18. Okay sounds good.
    Last question- i promise!
    What is your lecithin to oil ratio? Or is it lecitin to weed ratio? Or maybe lecithin to cannaoil ratio?
    Doesn't matter if its sunflower or soy right...
  19. 2 sizes it looks like. The Large is 15x17 inches The Turkey bag is 17x24 so I'd say the smaller bags are your target.
  20. 1/6th by volume.
    More or less. I just wing it for the most part. Some granules and a drizzle of the liquid since I have both.
    The liquid is my choice as it blends fast but it's like syrup and measuring is a It's a short or long drizzle and Yepp that's good.
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