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  1. Okay, so I was just on my computer and the browser froze and a warning sign came up that said i might have a virus..then everything froze....I turned off my computer and turned it back on and pretty much all my shit is gone - word documents, music, wallpapers, bookmarks, etc.....All i want to know is that if I get it looked at, is there a chance I can get my stuff back?....i think I had about 8 Gigs free before this happened and now it says i have 10 gigs free...but for the amount of stuff that was deleted, there should be much more than that....does anyone have any advice?....

    another problem is that i'm leaving the country on Saturday for 4 months so I need to get this taken care of ASAP and i'm afraid if i take it to IBM they won't get it back in time
  2. Goto your C drive, right click, and hit format.
  3. See if you have some sort of rollback program installed. Go back a few days. If not, then your stuff my be gone. Remember to ALWAYS back up your stuff.
  4. I would try System Restore
  5. go to search,pictures,music or videos,pictures and photos,more advanced,more advanced options,check all the boxes and hit search

    if you find any of the photos that were deleted then awesome if not than the viruse caused a loss of data :( anyways let mme know what happend
  6. system restore isn't says "Restore in prgoress" but stays at 0%....i left it on before i went to sleep in hopes that it would eventually start working and when i woke up today i had the message "NRFDL is Compressed, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart"

    i'm not sure if it was "NRFDL" but it was soemthing like that...but either way, whenevr i restart my computer it says that so now I cant even get to the start screen...i'm on my dad's computer right now but I think I might have to get a new computer...shiiiiiii

    i'm not that pissed it's just that I had so many Word Documents that I needed...stuff I'd written that I loved etc.....a lot of my files that I lost I really wanted...things on Astral Projection and Meditation and E-books and stuff...literally Gigabytes of this stuff is gone...however it was all Torrents so i'll hopefully be able to get most of it back in the future

    for the future, what is the best way to back up my system? should I get a bunch of those memory sticks or what?
  7. man know what get windows vista if your using xp. windows vista has issues but it keeps your documents secure, believe it or not a friend of mine has a degree in computers and he uses windows 2000 for some reason hahah
  8. Did it say anything about Antivirus 2008??? that fucker kicked the living shit out of my computer 3 days ago. I finally wiped out the hard drive yesterday and reloaded windows. the first thing it did was to erase all restore points in system restore. :mad:
  9. Acronis True Image its the most simple
  10. Come on people, format his hard drive, system restore. The man wants his lost information back and both of these options will erase any hope of that. What you need is a hard drive recovery software. There are some free ones out there and some that cost. I've had just as much luck with the free ones as I have the money ones.
    Just google recover deleted files from my hard drive.
    you should get some proggies like this one.. this one is a good one by the way.
    Good luck and I hope you get your files back..And don't take your computer to IBM they will screw you over on price..A decent mom&pop type computer shop should have a data recovery software if you opt to go that route and they wont charge you a fortune to do it..
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    unless he personally tossed the info into the trash and deleted them, theres no fucking way any recovery program is going to get it back. system restore might bring them back, and ya the dumbass that suggested formatting is just one of the many assholes around here that they should consider banning because they never have anything intelligent to say. Plus if the virus did dump his stuff in the recycle bin and delete them, system restore would not hamper him retrieving it back from the recycler.
  12. Do you actually know what system restore does?
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    You mentioned IBM so I assume you have a ThinkPad or ThinkCentre. If you are running their free Rescue and Recovery program you can boot to the embedded OS and get ALL of your data back or do a non-destructive restore from a backup which does not overwrite your data. If you're not running the program try installing it (You can download it form Lenovo,com if you uninstalled it) and then creating the recovery media. You can then boot to the CD and you might be able to use the file restore to get your data back. Also, if you didn't blow away the factory preload try turning it off then turn it back on and immediately hit the blue ThinkVantage button. Sometimes the preload backs up with Rescue & Recovery by default. That program has saved my ass many times for various reasons.
  14. What kinda PC do you have?

    What operating system?
  15. Thanks for your help everyone...I write you now from my new computer haha

    I brought it to the geek squad and they said I was pretty much screwed, I called IBM..the computer is covered under warranty so I think I'm getting a new one, but I needed a computer by this Friday so I ended up buying one too and I think I'm just going to give the old one to my mom (though I'm gunna go through hell teaching her how to use it)

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