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  1. So NORML got me thinking of more acronyms to use to help the general population reconsider the current stance on substance usesage. I'll post some words, some of them I have semi completed others fully to help get things started. Feel free to fill in whatever words you want, replace the ones I have, and even add new acronyms for other users to fill. (and if this belongs in General Discussion/poems or whatever, feel free to move it admin)

    *STRANGE - Society Tries Restricting Advanced Notions Generating Enlightenment

    *TOBACCO - T O B Addicting Cancer Causing O

    *ALCOHOL - A L C O Hypocrates O L

    *MARIJUANA - Medically Alleviates R Illnesses J U A N A

    *MEDICATION - Marijuana E D Instead of Consuming Artificially T I O N

    *PILLS - Pharmaceuticals Include Lots of Long-term Side-effects

    *PHARMACIES - Pills Harm And React Maliciously Although Consumed In Everyday Society

    *PHARMACY - Pills Have Adverse Reactions and May Accompany Contamination to You

    **DEA (I want more variety here):
    Dictators Evoking Anarchy
    Disoriented Evil Assholes
    D E A

    *FREEDOM - Finally Releasing Exile E D Of Marijuana
    F Realizing Everyone E Deserves O M

    *CHOICE - Consuming H O I C E

    let me hear what you can come up with!
  2. this is kinda ridiculous lol

  3. I'm with this guy ^

    Come up with some catchy pot acronyms. This has nothing to do with anything.
  4. HEMP- Help End Marijuana Prohibition.

  5. JESUS CHRIST.:hello:
  6. cant claim credit, it was written on a toilet wall at university
  7. :wave: Come on guys, I know you can come up with more. Just because it seems ridiculous, doesn't mean it should stop you from trying. It may seem dumb, but I have a use for these, so help out!
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    FEAR - Federal Enforcement of Alcoholic Racism

    SETI - Students for the Ethical Treatment of Inmates

    CANDLE - Citizens Against the National Disintegration of Liberty and Equality

    BILE - Believing in Ideal Law Enforcement

    HERPEES - Hemp Extermination Ruins People Everywhere Except for the State

    DUIOD - Defering to the Unilateral Implication of Officer Douche

    MARIHUANA - Many Activists Require Incentive to Hide Under Another Neighbor's Acura

    CHEESES - Citizens Helping Everyone Enjoy Safe and Ecstatic Sex

    SMOKE - Soccar Moms Opine for Kinky Excitement

    WEEDS - Working to Educate and Excite Discussion of Sinsemilla

    LITE - Legalize It Tonight for Everyone

    SWAT - Semiautomatic Weapons Aimed at Teenagers

    TULIPS - Topple Unlawful Laws with Informative Public Speaking

    DEA - Destroying Everyone's Autonomy

    edit: hah, pretty creative for not being high ;)
  9. P i m p
    party in my pants
  10. SETI- Search For Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. Already exists.
  11. MARIHUANA is funny :D

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