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  1. Hey Guys,
    So I've been growing in my closet (1 plant, 150w HPS, 2 fans (one blows outside air into the closet)). This worked great for veg but now its time to flower. This is my first grow and i realized I'm not ready for flowering yet because of light leaks/ventilation. For flowering I can't just use the same system because the closet is in my bedroom and i use my bedroom at night to read and go online and then in the morning the sun is very bright and even sneaks through my blackout shades. I dont want my plant to be a hermie so i need absolute darkness. So what about closing my closet door? this would work if I had a ventilation system that works with a closed door.
    I have a old heavy wooden door that I can't cut through. so I'm thinking about removing it, replacing with something else (this is where i need help), buying exhaust vents, cutting holes for the vents, attaching it to the door frame, and being all set.
    What should i replace my door with? any heavy plastics or reflective material or like grow tent material? anything with a zipper so i wouldnt have to remove the door when i wanted to go in the closet? help me out DIY guys! THANKS!!!

  2. I had the same question growing in an apartment and here was my solution.
    Next aisle over from the doors at my Lowe's towards the wood. I don't remember exactly what kinda board it is but it was right in the $15 range, brown on one side and white on the other, and they'll cut it to size for you in the store. I just had to add the handles and vent holes. Little tape to shore up light leaks and voila! Best part is it is a snap to pull out, shove inside, and shut the closet door in case you have unwanted visitors.
  3. A strip of wood fixed to the inside of one door overlapping the other to blackout the gap in the middle a strip of beading flush against the back of the closed doors to eliminate any further leaks from around the doors.

    Venting could be a few holes in the bottom corner of one side of the wardrobe covered with multiple layers of tights to black it out , then a hole in the opposite side wall with your fan extracting air, again blacked out with tights,

    To make it more stealth , if your box is raised off the floor put the intake in the floor , and the extraction on the back wall so no changes are visible

    If you cant get it perfectly lightproof use some draft excluder foam strip around the seams

    Hope this helps

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