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  1. I badly need help I've tried about three to four times now and had about a 20% success rate....can someone please help me...I cut them at the correct angle, shave them, split them dip in cloning gel, then placed in rockwool, there under a thou, for about 20 hrs outta the day....a lot of them ending up wilting a i have to get rid of them, any help would be appreciated thanks!!
  2. hey man sorry to hear you having a ruff time.
    From my experience the most important thing after taking the clones would be temp and humidity level, if your humidity is too low, most of the times they wilt on themselves. Another thing is to keep em away from direct lighting, or a nice distant away from the lights and make sure its on 24/7. Good luck i hope that helps.

  3. Yeah i haven't put the humidity into consideration...what do you think the ideal humidity should be? Also it is under direct light, these things would probably help a bunch. Thanks
  4. I seen someone say in a thread that 80% humidity would be good for clones
  5. I cloned some plants by placing them in a small 4"x4"x6" greenhouse in the rockwool.
    Took two weeks but huge beautiful roots were everywhere.

    I used no cloning gel. I used simply an ISO alcohol cleaned razor blade and regular un PH'd water. Put them under a single 25w 6500k CFL.
    Worked wonders!

    I think you have to use minimal water but max humidity. Just keep the cube moist but not too wet. Water on the walls of your greenhouse under the light. Roots will be all over in two weeks pushing the plant off the floor of the greenhouse.

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