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  1. I was hoping someone can tell me which part of the maryjane plant can be cloned, so far all atempts to clone are unsucessful and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm using a piece that can't be cloned. This is my first crop and so far things are perfect I am ready to flower but need to clone a lot for next batch. I understand cloning that as long as there are two sets of leaves growing out that piece can be cloned, but does that piece have to come off the main stem or can it come off a stem that is connected to the main stem for example the shoots that grow above the fan leaves that are very small. I think I'm making this confusing. My question broken down is can I only clone the tops of the plant. My plant has like 8 tops with the main stem in the middle can I clone the shoots over the fan leaves that grow under most tops. Thanks for any help
  2. [ame=""]YouTube - how to grow cannabis mr green #6[/ame]

    Long but informative.... watch it!
  3. I've posted this on other threads here, it is how I clone and it has served me well. Hopefully this will help. Cloning can be frustrating, but when you start to get it down, it is very rewarding.
  4. cool, thx for all the great info, I figured out my problem, I was using an all mix soil, I heard this is to hard so I'm on to rockwool cubes but now I'm hearing people say you soak them for twentyfour hours in a water with ph5.5 and others saying you don't soak just pour distilled water and plant so now I got to figure this out. You should get a degree after completing this sht
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    I'm working on trying my own and they don't seem like they are doing good, very droopy, even the stem keels over. They are in a mini greenhouse container, such as the one in that video. I spray them once a day. I also used rooting gel. I think my problem is cold roots. I don't have any heat on them. I do have a heating pad, however I cannot find it. I need to look around again because I think that will fix my problem.
  6. I've never found a concrete reason to soak for 24 hrs. Once you dunk the cube and saturate it, it's full of solution. Like I said above however, everyone has a system that works for them.
    Definitely bring heat to the seedling tray, and if you've got a humidity dome, stop spraying every day. As long as you've got water in the bottom of the tray and a dome, the humidity will hydrate your babies. The biggest reason for clone failure is over watering. Keep the rooting media SLIGHTLY DAMP at best. This allows oxygen to reach area to be rooted, which is a critical component to success. Good luck guys.....

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