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help cleaning my bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by petro438, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Alright so I bought this a few weeks ago. When we first used it, it was real nice. After using it for a few days, the hits were weak and we realized one of the percs was completely filled with res, so only like 10 percent of the smoke reached the top and the other smoke just got stuck in the perc below it. Up close, you can see the residue in the blue spirals and immediately realize why the smoke doesn't come through.

    I've tried rubbing alcohol, soap and water, salt water, etc., but nothing has really worked. It's hard for the water to get down into the perc and hard to get out.

    Here it is below. I've looked on the internet for a way to clean it and get the res out, but figured I'd turn here cause I can't find anything.

    Also, would screens help? I bought a few today and figured it would stop the res from getting up there if I could unclog the percs. Thanks for the help.

    4wzll.jpg at Free Image Hosting
  2. Damnnnn how much did that bad boy cost?
  3. vacuum cleaner
  4. i use orange chronic works great
    and a screen would help or you could use an ash catcher they help to
  5. 150 Gabba. I just can't get that res out. And its only in one part, on the very top perc.

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