help cleaing dome percs in bong

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  1. ive had my bong for a few months now. and my ash catcher went missing for a while so i used a regular slide and that got my bong really dirty.
    It has 2 single dome percs that have all these chuncks of like ash or resin in them and it looks nasty and its clogging the percs a lil. I put salt and rubbing alc in it and shook it and lert it sit for a few min and kept rinsing it. It helped, but theres still alot of shit in the percs.
    how do i get it out/clean?thanks
  2. go to walmart and get a bottle of simple green for 5 dollars and let it soak overnight. I promise it will be spotless in the morning.
  3. so just fill the bong and percs like i would noramlly with water, except with this stuff, and leave it over night, and then rinse in the morning?? thats it
  4. Also, just saw Simple Green is just an all purpose cleaner. if I have a different type of all purpose cleaner here at home can i use that?
  5. NO! Use simple green it is safe
  6. from what i have read, simple green is all organic..i wouldn't use anything else though unless you know its safe (i also use 420 cleaner a lot..but simple green is probably cheaper)
  7. dont gotout and buy anything more lol, just leave the rubbing alcohol and salt in there over night. one of my bongs has two percs, one dome perc and one tree perc and i just leave it overnight or for a few hours but HONESTLY the best chemical thing to clean your bong is CLR you leave your bong sitting for 15 mins and it'll look like new:D

    *edited becaussssseeee i decided to re-read my msg and i can spelll fo shit

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