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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by flgrower, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. i am wondering what would be a good strain to grow in my climate. i'm in central florida close to the beach. is there one particular strain that does good in this climate????
    the weather for today as an example is:
    low 78, high 89. chance of precip. 30%
    humidity - 75%
    any suggestions?

  2. Look for a strain that is mold resistant.
  3. so are you growing outdoor or indoor? My boy down in FL just brought me up about 4.5 lbs Mowy Wowy(never seen it spelled, so something like that, sound it out!). That is a popular one down there I belive.....
  4. by the way, welcome to the site!
  5. thanks, and i'm going to be growing outdoors. does alot of humidity cause mold? if so what are some strains that are mold resistant? i kind of wanted to order the 15 dollar nirvana strains at seeds direct....any suggestions?
  6. Welcome!

    Early Pearl from sensiseeds are a good strain.
  7. Yes, the warm temps and high humidity causes powdery mildew, i.e mold or fungus, to attack the plants. Anywhere you have those weather combonations you need to be prpepared for mold. Now, IMHO, plants that were developed from tropical regions are more resistant to mold than others. So that leads me to believe that a sativa or sativa-dominant strain will do better in a high humidity area than an indica strain.

  8. the thing is sativa's grow pretty tall don't they? i can't have a 6 foot tree where i will be growing. what should i do?
  9. Go with a sativa mix that is advertised as a low grower, or top it back.
  10. or just grow indoor :)_

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