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  1. Anyone order Durban poison regularly from the US and know where it’s cheapest/legit? Also I’ve read they do good in hot climate which is my main reason for choosing this strain not by any means set on it as I prefer indica but temps here are around 90+ right now usually 35-55% humidity . Planning on planting to take the morning sun and be shaded during the hottest part of the day. Also open to any strain suggestions that have proven themselves in hotter climates. No expensive strains please I looked at the Durban poison at seedman and it was only 27$ trying to stay around that price ordering just 3 seeds then plan to clone these for the future. As I said I prefer indica but I enjoy sativa as well. I medicate for high anxiety, bipolar, ptsd if this info helps at all. Seems like some sativa adds to my anxiety but it could have been harvested too early as well. Thanks in advance.
  2. I keep reading conflicting info some say sativa is better in rougher temps some say indica I need some help please
  3. Seedsman is the cheapest place for seeds......... take into account the 8 dollar shipping.

    27 bucks for 3 fem seeds is good.

    Each breeder and strain will differ. Just plant it and see what happens.
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  4. Next grow for me will be White Widow Fast Fem Seeds.

    And the cheap White OG Fem 5 seeds for 14 bucks.
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  5. I get my seeds from msnl seedbank they are pretty good
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  6. What Seedbank are you using?
  7. That’s where I found the Durban poison so cheap, will probably end up ordering from them.
  8. I haven’t heard of this one before, gonna check it out right now, thank you
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  9. Just found this aurora indica by nirvana 5 for 28+ shipping. High CBC and the says it’s good for beginner growers. I’m going for it it’s a cross between afghan and northern lights. I’m drooling over this shit. [​IMG]
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  10. Seedsman
  11. 5 seeds for 28 not bad. Seedsman usually throws in some freebies.
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  12. Hell yeah fingers crossed
  13. If your going landrace I’d look at the original environment. A lot of Indica can handle hot and cold because of where they originate from but with all the hybrids on the market ya never know how they’ll handle extreme heat. 1st thing I think of in 90* heat is watering too much and fluffy buds.
    Do you plan to plant them in the ground?
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  14. No Ill be planting in 5 gal smart pots but I’m a disabled vet and as such can put all the time necessary watering etc. It’s just not dark enough around my house at night with dogs and motion lights to flower outside I feel like. Plus it’s all low ground here so if it rains they’d flood bad no matter what unless I raised them crazy high.
  15. Overheated one bad recently to where it stunted for a couple days doing better finally growing again. I built a screen enclosure to keep the temps down and it does help it’s almost 10 degrees cooler under the screens. Not sure how much I light I lose though
  16. good choice on the smart pots with that heat
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  17. Trying to do anything I can think of I know it’ll probably be a little rough but I keep my closet temp to around 80 so they don’t get shocked coming in at night tons of airflow though

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