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  1. Hello,

    I am getting ready for my first grow woo-hoo. It's crazy never thought i would be saying that. Anyway I am going with white widow as my first strain. Any ideas on a given performer indoors for my second strain. I will be using 1000w/ 4x4 tent.
  2. G-13 pineapple express
  3. do you want sativa dominant or indica dominant strains? sativa-super lemon haze/ indica-jack herer
  4. Gonna be in a naturally cooler climate? I'd go with a nice hybrid with purp characteristics. Caz Berry(Ace of Spades x Purple Diesel) is a nice one that has beautiful purple to it

    So many to choose from nowdays, can make it tough to decide :)
  5. <------------huge Trainwreck fan! just love the whole experience.
  6. Well on my first grow I had great results with the BAGSEED strain a good friend let me have. Easy to grow, the end product had a bunch of stuff on the plant that if I dried it and smoked it it made me fell good. My opinion is if it's your first our thousandth time bag seeds are a better deal they come in almost every bag we bye so why not just pick them out and plant.
    So many strains out there it's getting rediculis today it's some special hybrid and tomorrow people will be bashing it.
    Doesn't matter about the strain unless u just want to brag about what you have in your grow which is never good. Any bag seed grown yourself will better then the stuff you bye in the streets because less hands have touched it.

  7. I never get seeds in my bags. if you do get seeds they are mostly because of a plant hermaphroditing. using bag seed is a complete gamble. I have no understanding why your recommending it so strongly. if you wish for certain characteristics you buy a breed that has them, not plant random seeds and hope for the best

    to the original poster my favorite breed is AK47, it's truly awesome. watch the smell on those white widows, they stink like fuck
  8. It's all a bargin no matter where u get them. Show me the proses on how they make a female seed.
    And I call bullshit on the never had a seed in your bag. And how can two deffernt breeders have the same strain crossing with deffernt kinds off plants,impossible.

    I can plant any old bagseed and call it whatever I want Theres no restriction on it and know way to test it so next grow I will be running a cross:
    White widow x ak47 x girl scout cookies x pineapple chunk
    Sounds good doesn't it. It's that easy to make a strain

    Sorry if I sound grumpy about strains I just think it's a scam. Until its legal Itwill always be unknown what your buying. Good luck
  9. i personally love skunk and haze strains and crosses.

    that bag seed suggestion is silly lol. there is only 1 reason you have seeds in your bud and thats because it was pollinated. if it had a few hermaphrodite bananas on it, or on a plant near by, you would have seeds in your bud. if you plant those seeds you have a very likely chance its going to carry those hermaphrodite traits. if it were pollinated by a male you would have good results planting the seeds on the other hand. unfortunately there is no way to tell how the seeds got there unless you grew the plant yourself. buying seeds from reputable sources that are certain of their genetics, you are more likely to end up with plants that you desire. if you dont like buying seeds all the time buy a few that you like and make your own feminized seeds, its pretty simple. i do agree that the names of the strains are quite retarded though but look at their genetics(where they came from) and you should get something similar to that.

  10. Clueless
  11. OP are you looking for fems or regs? What kind of high do you prefer? And do you have flower time constraints?
  12. you have a lot to learn about breeding my friend. a cross is just a cross, you have to lock down traits before you can call it a breed. grow a few different breeds, and several seeds of each and you will have a whole different outlook

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