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Help Choosing Smoking Device

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I smoke every night. Its a habit/ritual/love, something I will continue to do every night I live. ( Ofcourse this is a generalization, if there is a need for me to not smoke for w.e reason, I will).
    I have never owned my own piece, never wanted one. I have always smoked blunts. The last month or so, I have been using my gravity bong everynight, insted of blunts. This has been going good. I like not having to spend money on cigars everyday. But, the gravity bong is getting too big/messy, and Its just kind of annoying. Not something I plan to smoke out of forever.

    I want some glass but cannot choose what to get. Ive narrowed it down, though.
    Spoon or Bubbler. I want a personal piece thats nice and will get me high everytime.

    I need links to sites and certain pieces that you may think are good. Show me Both spoons and bubblers.

    Price range Under $60.

    Thanks all!
  2. Percolator bongggg all the way. So smooth with the ice, still great with just water only... and still works fine for dry hits...

    That's 3 different ways to have it from one device.. The one I bought is SYN brand (Smoke Yourself Numb) by a blower that goes by fatmike. He's well known on the west coast for making durable bongs. Triple blown for sure, and I'd go with a thick bowl too. If you're gonna spend money on glass, get the heavy duty shit for sure. :smoke:
  3. ^^^ yo, is that site legitimate? like have you bought from it before? Wondering because the prices are superb. Just dont wanna get ripped off.
  4. Yeah that site has some great pricer for some cool glass. Thanks. And yeah if anyone has used this sit... can anyone back it up?
  5. I'm pretty sure my homeboy's bong that he bought second hand came from that site but I just wanna make sure before my card # and all that goes anywhere

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