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  1. Ive narrowed my choice down to 4 dry pieces. I need the good community of gc to help me out on my final choice. The honeycomb and orangish hook ones are a bit more expensive ($60), while the others are about $35. Names for them are welcome too!

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  2. I love the honeycomb man
  3. I like that honeycomb as well, the 4th one, with the helix or w/e you wanna call it is pretty dope too, though i dont like the helix part i like the work around the bowl, so either #1 or #4 IMHO!
  4. [quote name='"bonginnn"']I love the honeycomb man[/quote]

    I second this. The honeycome looks sweet!
  5. The last one easily.
  6. I like the orange one, that said, don't buy it :mad:
  7. I feel that the orange one is an upgrade from the honeycomb one. Buy that last one.
  8. Tough choice, but I would go with the honeycomb. The colors are amazing.
  9. hte last piece is more unique then any of them. id go with that.
  10. The last one, as the others have said.
  11. The Honey comb is the only one I like, now it could of had a mag/rollstop blown in to make it better but it is a very smooth, trippy, stand alone piece.
  12. Honeycomb one or the 4th one looks sick too
  13. Alright thanks guys, I am goin with the last one, the helix. No need to stop the thread though, how about some names!
  14. D. Ribo ( DNA, double helix, stands for deoxyribose nucleic acid )
  15. Honeycomb or the Helix, If the helix is cheaper I'd say that one!
  16. First or last. The honeycomb would be pretty hard to resist, though.
  17. honeycomb. closely followed by the orange.

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