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  1. Well I can't seem to find the strain i've been looking for, Gods Gift.
    I want a strain that grows short plants with hard as rock dense buds like that. The 4 foot tall plants were amazing and the hard buds gave it pretty damn good yield.
    As far as looking at seeds online the strain guides are so varied. Some tell height, some tell which type of buds, some don't. I do NOT want fluffy bud I want tight hard dense buds that grow short.
    Since I have no experience with what I will be doing I plan on doing like 3 different kinds, 6 plants each, for my first crop.
    Any suggestions?

  2. dude it depends how you grow it don't ya think ? get skunk #1 by seedsman i found one pheno thats about 4.5 feet tall and at week 3 has denser buds than i personally have ever seen and it has a amazing smell.
  3. No...didn't matter how long we grew gods gift it stayed around 4 feet tall...12 1,000 watters going made no difference.
  4. I want short plants...for example some fluffy lemon strains I grew would NOT stop growing even in bud...they would get way too tall. Gods gift stayed at the height you put them in, but would grow to 4 feet during bud and stop if you didnt veg them to 3-4 feet.
    I want the rock hard buds; space savers and less trimming. Plants that won't continue to grow and stretch during bud phase
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    Okay so I picked 5 strains I am pretty confident in choosing after lots of days of debate, but I am not yet ready to place my order. I still want some suggestions.
    As of right now the 5 I am choosing to decide with 1 or 2 I like best to go with full time are:
    Skywalker OG Kush
    Tangerine Dream
    818 Headband aka Sour OG
    THC Pro
    Cinderella 99 (C99)
    All feminized. If anyone has taken care of these strains or seen them in "action" give me a heads up and drop some knowledge on what to expect! Thanks!
    Tangerine dream is amazing. No firsthand experience growing, but it smokes like a dream and It's pretty dense, so that's a good one.
    Thanks!! I was questioning that one a little bit but I think I will stick with it.
    I am most excited for the C99 i think, except 3 of each of these seeds is going to cost me over $250.00 :(
    Anyone help with the price of those somewhere too lol
    Yeah, the initial price sucks, it's one of the things that have stopped me from growing. Oh and you won't regret the Tangerine Dream, I pick some up like every other week, it's one of my favorite strains.
    Femaleseeds did a version of C99 that wasn't bad and didn't cost much, I think it was one of their Xline seeds range if its still about.
    They do not ship to USA?
    The seed banks stock Femaleseeds, I usually use the seed banks not the breeders websites.
    I think they did a C99 hybrid too.
  12. Well strains are picked, seeds are purchased, and 16 out of 16 popped up through the dirt within 48-90 hours.
    I am telling you The Single Seed Centre has the CHEAPEST seeds around and i've never had a shipment taken. Only took about a week to get them and I have a 100% success rate with all of the seeds I got from them. In fact i've never had a seed not pop up.
    The strains are:
    - Ice Bomb
    - Bubble Bomb
    - C99
    - Tangerine Dream
    - THC Pro
    - Blueberry
    - Skywalker OG Kush
    - Big Bud (Two free female seeds I got from purchase. Awesome strain they gave me!)
  13. If you want short and bushy, try putting into bloom early.  I usually put my short bushy babies in to bloom no bigger than 20'' and that's after being topped twice, once about 14'' to 16'' and then again 18'' to 20''.  Plants in bloom will double in size and more.  Stick to more Indica dominant genetics if you want short and stocky plants.  White Russian is a very dense and productive plant indoors or out, soil or hydro, and the #1 connoisseur favorite, because of its fruity, berry smell of the AK-47 and the INTENSE White Widow buzz come together to make White Russian one of my favorites.  You can expect 1/2 pound to pound plants easily.

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