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  1. Dear Grasscity,

    My name is Liam and I'm but a young guy. I'm not sure how I want to structure this letter, but the gist of it goes as follows.

    It seems that the whole World and its people
    feels the pain of the collective conscious
    And that all of us are getting jaded by people
    and that everyone is getting jaded with people that are getting jaded
    And sometimes it feels,
    moreso now than ever;
    that all the good in this world is slowly wasting away
    dripping from a spout and we're losing it.
    I don't think its quite the case,
    hell, all this goodness could be dripping into a bucket
    thats going to get poured over our heads!
    But I've been getting kind of anxious,
    waiting for this artificial rain
    a solvent and absorbent to all this all-consuming pain
    And I want to be the change I see in the world;
    and I try...
    but I feel its not enough...

    so I'm calling on all you kind folks
    the scrawny and the tough!

    to help me mend the broken
    till it is polished and it is buffed
    in hopes that our efforts;
    will be contagious like the plague
    like evil is too, but in a kinder way.

    And I know this poem is corny, but don't you ever wonder why?
    Being kind and good's deemed childish,
    the pessimists are hailed as wise.
    Its been the same for ages
    history says that it's true
    but anger, oh it cages;
    from the other points of view.

    i know that we can help it,
    at least I hope we can
    I've been trying all my life
    but this job isn't just for one man!

    Making the world better;
    as individuals I'm sure we've tried..
    but as a group with a progressive view
    of vigilante bonafides,
    could we maybe change the tides?
    I'd like to say that even if I don't finish this journey
    at least I took a stride.

    So thats the bulk of it. A smile, a hug, manners, a held open door or a courtesy, all of those things are underestimated in how much they can help a person. I pretty much center my life on how I can help others and do good things, because I see no reason to contribute to the negativity to the world, and I try to keep people's faith in humanity :) With all this hate going around, there is no need to act on every whim of anger you have.

    Would anyone be interested in joining me to help make the world a nicer place? It doesn't have to be big (we're only humans!), it could be as simple as an open door or not being on the phone when you order your morning coffee. Infect someone with a smile and you can help everyone around them too, making someone smile is my favorite part of my day, I'll smile for hours afterwards thinking about it. Try it!

    Much love,


    P.S. Sometimes being super corny is the only way to let go of ego and be down to earth :)
  2. What is this anger you speak of?
  3. Its general, but essentially the negativity that many people seem to have that manifests in anger. If you ever hear people debate about an emotionally/fiscally charged issue, its evident :hello:
  4. I know what you mean, I'm definitely a realist when it comes to businesses and the extra closed minded people. But I as an individual always stay positive, and just hope to let the positivity rub off. Just by simply making somebody feel like a jackA when they something closed minded and negative and having people know that not everybody is so negative about things.
  5. The point is not to make them feel like a jackass. Rather, your response should make everyone think "This guy's not perturbed by this jackass, and he's able to ignore the jackassery and focus on the material, and come up with something new." That's how the world will change.

    It seems robotic when I type it out.. but mindfulness is slightly robotic. Robots are gonna take over the world with their cool logic and mindfulness! :p
  6. Lol I didn't mean it that way, but more in a way of just making them kind of re-think their closed minded ways when they perhaps are in a situation where they really feel like they need to re-think their words or ways because they really see it as "wow there is some honestly good people out there" . That's more to random people though that you'll only be talking too for a short time, those more rare encounters. But I know what you mean, as long as you set an example of being able to tune everything out and rise above then they can either realize it, or they're probably doomed anyway.
  7. I feel ya man.

    I don't think "being coolheaded" (kinda high, excuse my probably awkward language) is the essence of this is either. I spin it on the more positive side, i'd rather let positive fight negative itself rather than i pit myself with ignorance and hate, if you know what i mean. But then again i was on yahoo answers in the politics section, asking people why they were so hateful and racist... ahah whatever :smoke:

    i feel like if you say a compliment, smile at, or even do a favor of sorts to someone, you have the potential to make someone's day better. And then maybe (this is gonna be all high speculative stuff) that someone might have been in shitty mood and then they felt better (and you know how you feel when you are angry with people around, just wanna yell all the time ahah) or any load of good things.

    It's just more positive that way.

    I think (hope?) I've influenced a lot of people to adopt my view points of being calm, respectful, and caring to the world. I'm well respected (not in the gang way.. just like held in high esteem) and people seem to enjoy my chill and nice attitude on life.. so i'm happy with what im doing :)
  8. Thanks for posting this on my thread. It had a nice flow. I like it man.
  9. vv
    Shock value definitely has merit as well. :)

    Soccerguy, I think you'll enjoy this video, it's all I've been able to think about since the start of this thread

    Kindness boomerang. [VIDEO]
  10. there is no way to change the world lol ,

    our goverment has made are population into zombies and we dont even reailze it :eek:
  11. Thats exactly the attitude that keeps the negativity festering and fermenting instead of flowering into good stuff :hello:

    Its really easy to think "meh meh meh everyone is a zombie.. sheeple... fuck [insert large company]" but it means a lot more to say "everyone is a zombie... but i can at least try to help!"

    I never once thought, and don't think i ever will think that we will beyond salvaging. you can't total goodwill and the human spirit
  12. By the way, thank you all for replying :D

    I have a lot emotionally invested in my 'be kind' ideology, and I love when other people do it. Feels like my contribution to the world means a little more and can help better.

    it might just be a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is just a bunch of drops anyway, imagine if we all precipitated good feelings?

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