help! CFL question! i need answers asap

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  1. so i woke up this morning and checked my germination box-i got taproots up the wazoo! i want to do this grow CFL because its cheaper and im a no0b.

    so for vegative state growing and using CFLs lights, how close do they have to be? does anyone have pictures?

    i checked out that CFL growing guide-great guide but no pictures of seeds in soil stage.

    thanks in advance
  2. Cfl's can be 2-3 inches from the plants, and thats what they should be. Plants have touched leaves to CFL's for a few hours and they were still alright, they didnt burn at all.
  3. make sure they are at MOST 4" away from the plant, and closest about an inch... leaves will burn if they touch the CFL's for too long... i toasted a couple edges of my leaves that way... but its not a problem

    just make sure you have LOTS of light... and look at the ACTUAL wattage when buying a CFL bulb... not the incadescent equivalent...

    i have 2 plants under
    2x 40w soft white
    3x 32w cool white
    1x 23w warm white
    1x 53w cool white

    and thats all ACTUAL wattage

    hope this helped, good luck to you
    and remember, dont nute the plants in the first 2-3 weeks of growing... and DONT overwater
  4. all I have to say is keep the plants against the lights but use a piece of glass or plexiglass(lexan) to seperate the lights from the grow chamber that way the lights can be as close as possible without worry of heat stress from the lights or burning leaves. Go to and check out redgreenery's rubbermaid grow in the micro grow section. Lots of good info there.
  5. Check out the grow in my Sig.
    It's a SOG grow under CFL's
    27 plants in 2 sq. ft. under 210 Watts
    It puts out a lil' over .75 oz per week
    and runs on batteries......:cool:

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