HELP!!!!!!! CFL Budget First Time Grow Updating Photos Daily (Need advice / help)

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    Hello everyone, starting my third attempt at growing. First was a rubbermaid container I began building and outgrew before I finished it that afternoon. Second was ended right as I began due to having to move. So here we go, new location and new setup!

    The Basics...

    Transfered to my place on 11/20/11

    Ak47 - bought as clones in rock wool cubes, transferred directly into the coco as cubes. Angie and Abby

    Coco Coir medium with 20 percent perlite

    CFL, currently using 9 6500k 23w for veg.

    Watering currently with err tap ph'd using shake tester to 5.8 ish, hoping to borrow a RO system from a friend but if not were going tap unless I see a problem develop.

    Nutrients, none used yet, will be using Fox Farm Trio

    Goal of this is to really learn as much as I can about growing. Id like to do the best I can on a budget, hence the lack of a proper ph meter and water and lights. Then after a harvest I can invest, utilize the cfl for a multi box veg & flower setup with a HPS etc.

    Ill post up pictures tomorrow but just wanted to start tonight.
  2. Box Shots

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  3. Meet Angie

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  4. Meet Abby

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  5. Shots above are all from day 3 at home. Any advice is welcome as this is my first grow! They seem a bit droopy... I watered them during when I placed the cubes into the coco with about 3/4 a gallon between the two of them and have not watered since (now two days later). I have not used any nutrients (FF trio is here though) Any advice?

    Thanks Guys! Amped on this
  6. bump...
  7. Going to go get a few more lights...
  8. So I now have 8 23w 6500k on each plant. More pics coming tomorrow.

    Time to burn
  9. Im thinking they have too much water and thats why they are drooping, what should I look for next if this is the case? I have not watered since transferring them.
  10. anyone...?
  11. So Im starting to get a little worried, so far the leaves haven't perked up at all. I still haven't watered in hopes that its just too much water in the leaves. This is my first grow and could really use some advice. HELP!

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  12. What are your temps/rh? 16 cfl's can get pretty hot...
    also your ph looks off..try to get water/nutes to 6.5ish..i know its a bitch without a meter, the shake tester isnt that bad though...
    your soil looks pretty dry, maybe a little ph'd water couldnt hurt...
    i think its either heat stress, or lockout from your ph being off
    a small fan blowing on your plants in your box couldnt hurt
  13. Temps are sitting at 73 for the most part (72-77), not sure on humidity. Im going to water some and see what happens. From what Ive read I should see a difference if the issues was underwatering within a few hours. I have a small fan blowing on them, I would like to get a oscillating fan soon.

  14. So I just finished watering about a half ago and can already see a improvement. Im thinking the soil never got fully saturated. I also wasn't sure if the holes on the bottom of my pots were in fact holes so I went ahead and drilled some out. I watered till some came out of the bottom. Going to check in on them in a hour and see what happens. Ill post pics soon!

    Time to burn
  15. Wheres the updates?
  16. Hope you got those little problems taken care of, how about some updates?

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