HELP! can't remove small white specs on glass

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  1. hey as title says. there are few very small/ very noticeable specs on the inside of my glass. I've soaked in iso and epson salt and also distilled white vinegar with epson salt. and shaked it a ton. I also tried oxyclean in substitute of the epson salt. but still no luck. any suggestions to what is on the glass or how to remove it?
  2. It's gonna sound weird. But I had the same thing happen on my Hoss straight tube. My wife is in cleaning groups on Facebook and said that all these women use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with the black label. Didn't wanna use it on my bong first so I tried it on a downstem and wow. Melted everything away. Did it to the bong, and I watched the shit melt off. I'm assuming it was calcium build up from the water. Worked for me, try it if you want!
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  3. it being calcium does make sense, so i am going to pick some up next time i go to walmart and give it a shot. i will update when so. thx
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