HELP! can't find similar issue on forum!!

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  1. the leaves look to be curling on one and the is a little purple color.

    the other is curling down. whats wrong?!?!?!

    first time grower
  2. Please help. these are one week old. no nutris evere given. temp is 75-80.

    please help
  3. What is the PH of the water you are using? What kind of light...soil? What size are these pots, look like 2-4 inch....somewhere around that right?

    It could be several things, possibly an early salinity problem from poor soil, it could be a secondary nute def like Calcium or Mag, it could be early problems from not having the PH of your water in line. Give me some details and I will try to make some suggestions.

  4. HIGH All, they look overwatered.....
  5. thanks so much for the input.

    the light is CFL about 200 actual watts of 6500k. 24/0

    water is distilled, btu I ahve not take a pH reading yet. will do ASAP.

    the soil was FF Happy frog, with built in nutirs for what it said was two-3 weeks. but the small pot size may have shortened that?

    As for overwatering, I am very concerned about that and have tried to be good about not doing so. I just watered after my post so i wil let them dry out before doing anything.

    thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. I will have PH readings up ASAP

    thanks again
  6. The soil is good stuff, it does not appear to be heat issues, so I would have to say it is a PH problem, something that is often overlooked by many growers. Even when using the very best soils and such, if the PH of the water is not inline, it can & will cause problems. In soil, especially with the FF soils which are around 6.8-7.0 out of the bag, you want to keep your water in the mid 6's and try to keep from going above 7.

  7. finger in to second knuckle if its dry down there then water and when i mean dry i mean dry dry, remember its going to be dryer above than below so down to ur second finger should indicate that ya the roots are proly wet, and remember roots grown down n out not out n out. if u water like that without PH, Nutrients, w/e you will proly have a better outcome, plants also do well in happyfrog just by itself u dont need the perlite
  8. Awesome.

    I will check further down next time. I had only been checking like 1/2 inch or so down into the soil.

    perhaps it was moist below that and I missed it.

    The perlite was a suggestion of the grow store in my area. I had read it is good other place son the forum. So, I added it. I'll add less when i transplant.

    thanks for your help. I checked them this morning. not looking worse, but not looking much better either. I'll give them til tomorrow before I water. that will be a solid 72+ hours.

    the discoloration on one looks like phosphorus def. it has purplish stems and purple underneath the leaves. I just feel it is a little early for a def. I am switch from the water I was using as well. it said distilled, but I am just being overly cautious. got my ph meter waiting at home. so hopefully that sheds some light on the issue.

    I have not seen a drop off in growth, so i think things are still good and certainly not critical. I will stay on top of it an dkeep posting here if it gets worse or does not improve.

    thanks again everyone
  9. So,

    came home today to find the healthier looking plant had two leaves that were....all i can say is dried.

    no discoloring on other leaves just the first two leaves were dried and brittle. I checked way down into the pot and it is only like 6" deep and it was dry. I have about 4" of soil depth 4" round. could that be part of my problem? should I transplant sooner than this weekend?

    I immediately gave more water moved the lights up, and hopefully that solves the temp problem.

    I had been taking temps in the box not under the lights. I think things got a little hot.

    as for my other issues. I am convinced it is a PH problem, but my PH meter did not come. :(. I will pick up some strips from HD tomorrow and do a test.

    question: how can I adj the PH once I test it? or what is the best way? I don't want nutri burn.

    thanks again.
  10. Have the PH meter in hand, but will not be able to check plants until 10pm. :(

    they did not look terribly worse this morning, but not better either. on one the first two leaves are done, but I am hoping it is not a lost cause.

    anyone have suggestion on best way to adj ph once I know what it is? up or down?
  11. FF soil comes with dolomite lime soil sweetener , unless your feeding with some really poor tap water or nuteing there is no way your PH is that much off. Does not look like overwatering at all to me. Things are pointing up , this leads me to think heat is the issue. Give them a bigger pot (just incase anything is off) fresh soil will help. Just give them water and Proper ventillation and everything should pop back. :smoking:

    Good luck man
  12. Yeah, I discovered two things with the ph meter and thermo I got.

    one, heat was getting more like 85-90 in the box. I have it down to 82-84 and will be adding a fan tomorrow to bring it down to 75.

    Ph was like 7.2-7.5, so it was an issue, prob the water I was using. I got water that tested at 6.5-6.8 so I should be good with ph from here on out. I was going to transplant this weekend. I have little time for more than watering and monitoring during the week:mad:.

    I know the bigger pot should open things up, but I am stunting the bagseed a little to let the B52 catch up. they are like one week apart and I have only one box. so when I switch to 12/12 it needs to be all at once.

    thans for the help. as people said. it ended up being Ph and I love GC.

    good luck to all. and F the MAN. it is your world. just keep to yourself.

  13. So even with all the other issues. I am pretty sure I have TMV.
    Which is very disappointing b/c I do not have a lot of options. I don't smoke, but my wife occasionally does, and i have been known to roll splifs every now and then, but most often I vape.

    So I am stuck really. I could try to eradicate it and start over, but I would lose 3 weeks of germ/growth and with only one grow box no gaurantee the TMV is gone.

    I can keep growing and accept the lesser yield...most likely what i will do, and hope next time I have cleaned the box well enough to avoid infection.

    IT really really sucks, b/c my plants look so good and I was on track to 1-1.5 oz a plant and now I'll be lucky if I get 3/4 oz per plant. Oh well I guess 50% loss is better than nothing.

    and ideas on how to clean the box once I am done with this round so I can prevent this from happening again? I hear it is almost impossible to eradicate.

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