Help! Cant determine sex...

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  1. These plants have been in veg for 9 weeks going on 10. On some im seeing the pistols clearly, in others i see no pistols. But i dont necessarily see pollen sacs either. They are all the same age. What gives? Not sure if i should get rid of some or not. Dont want to ruin the beautiful girls.

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  2. Yeah. Female.
    I would show you a picture with a circle around what I'm talking about but I don't know how to attach pictures to this motherfucker.
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    Both of them? Im only seeing a pistil on the first pic. In this one, the nodes have no hairs that I see. This is not easy lol. Might just get rid of them to be sure...

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  4. I agree, first pic is 100% female. Second pic is still questionable. Give it another week to see if the pistils start emerging out of what may be a calyx (but too soon to tell). I want to say female, but again, too soon.
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    I ended up chopping them down. I didnt want to take the risk of ruining my girls. Im a first time grower and honestly dont know much. It sucks that they couldve been female. I thought that since they were all the same age they should develop the same but I guess not? Im learning from a family grower. His advice was to take em down if there is any doubt
  6. You could've at least saved the one we said was 100% female, but oh well.
  7. I didnt chop that one down, I already saw the pistil on her ☺ i chopped down the questionable ones, which was 2nd pic. Could have needed more mature time I guess... But my guy, I call him the Dr lol, said dont take the risk. Thanks for the advice guys

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