help. can these tops recover.

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  1. this is a poor picture. i will take some better ones when i can.
    The fuse went on iws and the lights just frazzeled everything.
    Any way back. I'll try get sum better photos.
  2. Are the leaves very dry and crispy?

    Are the stems hard and breakable or still somewhat pliable?

    If the leaves have any moisture and the stems are still pliable I would say its savable. If its all dry and hard, maybe but I wouldnt count on it :(
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    There about 4 weeks into flower.
    The tops are very dry and crispy. I've been spraying them with mist (water) when the lights go off.
    The bottoms seem ok and the fan leaves at the bottom are ok.
    There's some new leaves growing at the bud sites near the top.
    I feel like crying (lol).
    I'll get some better photos once the lights go out.
    The steems are still green all the way to the top and they've still got a bit of flex in them.
    It's only been 2days now so i'm hopeing they can recover. 20120801_002.jpg




    20120801_006.jpg this is what they did look like


  4. Wats Up..! You think I'm growing to make money..?
    My mom has MS and I've smoked weed since i was 12. I'm now 45.
    I carn't afford to buy it off street dealers (plus who knows what shit it is).
    I suppose I'll find out in a few days anyway.
    I do one cult' every year and share with my famlie..
    Good Growin to you all anyway..:wave:
  5. Whered that post come from?
  6. Whatever damage that has been done to the leaves well pretty much stay the way it is. Some underwatering and plant is drooping easy fix, but if its all crispy dry those leaves are toast. If more is growing in then its a encouraging sign and prolly well recover.

    Its like when you have a nute issue and the leaves get all jacked. New growth will look normal but those scared leaves usually will stay that way.

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