HELP! can i use a 2700k 13watt swirly cfl to veg 1 micro plant?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SmokingTheHerb, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I just want a fat cola off of this micro plant. Idk if you can use that bulb? Is it enough? And for flower i have a 60 watt 6400k daylight grow bulb. How old can my plant be before i can flower it and get a fat cola? Please hellllp <3
  2. you got it backwards.....u need 6500k for veg and 2700k for flower...i would use more wattage
  3. No!!!
    100w per plant minimum and 50w extra for every other plant.
    Hit the search button all the answers are on the forum.
  4. You guys dont get it. I am trying to have a micro plant. When can i put it into flower? I just want a big cola not a full fleged plant
  5. The plant decides if it grows one big cola. Not you.

    You can help it along though, by providing at least 100 real watts for the plant. 13 watts isn't even enough to keep my grandmother from tripping over things in the night, how's it going to grow a big cola for you?
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  6. I get it, you want something for nothing. Your question read like this to me "Im new and have no money or desire to do things correctly. Someone reassure me that I am not setting up for an epic failure as I dont want to read or research my new hobby."


    You can always go 12/12 from seed. This will give you your smallest possible plant, although it wont start flowering until it is ready (probably 4-6 weeks). Chances are it wont end up being a single cola. If you want a single fat headed cola, you need to buy single fat headed cola genetics.

    This guy is right on, and it made me chuckle.

    You want a minimum of 50W and if you want to do it right you need even more.
  7. :hello::hello::hello:

  8. he can spend hours searching and reading a zillion different opinions and possible ways to grow...
    or he can post his question, see who responds and check out what they got, then decide if he wants to take their advice...
    there is no right or wrong way to grow pot, only different ways(and minimum requirements), everyone trys to make it a "this way or the highway" thing, everyone has to do what works for them...

    if you say 13W wont grow a plant check out some of loki7's grows, he uses 7 LEDs in this one---->
  9. 13w will not grow a plant to the standards I expect. And anyone who attempts growing under less than 50W of light is only doing so for sport.
  10. and half of everyone who grows does it for sport, you cant bash everything just cuz its different... he obviously just wants personal so he would be HAPPY to get 7grams i bet,
  11. and with his attitude he will be lucky to get 1 gram.
  12. I agree that people should do research. I disagree on the 100 watt rule. I usually veg my plants under 150watts cfl (4-6 smaller plants) and have used just 100. Here is my current veg set up, about 170, 4 plants, and half of it is 2700k(all 3 bulbs on right or 2700k, above the autoflower).. All growing great, healthy and green. My nlxbb is the biggest I have found to date for its time above soil on this site.

    I feel this way only about veg, this would be far insufficient to flower all 4 of these. But vegging requires minimal lighting. Just maximize what you use!

  13. Very true that veg only requires minimal lighting, but flower requires the most intense light you can muster.

    I veg 10-15 plants under 120W of floros, but upon flower only 5 plants share a 400W light.

    He's trying to do everything with a 13w bulb. Personally, all i could use a 13w bulb for is rooting clones.
  14. I think a 13w cfl over a 8"x8" or 10"x10" area could veg out a plant fairly well.

    Say for instance you were starting from seed and you vegged it about a month under the 13w...then if it's a girl put it under the 60w and you could pull maybe 1/2 oz if you do it right.

    In the past I've done about 100 clones under a 7w bulb. I've also flowered 9 plants under only 70w and had good results...rules are made to be broken :D

    *rather then focusing on a single cola, look into some lst for multiple medium sized colas instead.
  15. You're too funny man. :p

    clones will root with any light, even incandescent, so that doesnt mean shit.

    9 plants under 70W. HAHAHA. I wont flower 9 plants under a 400W light.

    What was your GPW on that 70W grow?
  16. it's logged in my micro cab journal. You can look up the #'s if yer curious...they're all's was just a little zero veg pc grow that I did to show what's possible with a micro sog.

    I think there's some pics of gdp auto in there too that was basically finished under a 13w maybe an 1/8 of that one I think..but it was seeded cuz it was part of a breeding project.

  17. hahaha. what an awesome number. maybe 1/8 from 9 plants? what does maybe mean? you guess?

    ok, so lets just do some quick math. 70W of light, 3.5 grams of yeild = 0.05 GPW

    If I would ever go below 0.5 GPW, I would cry.

    Again, if you want to do things right and have any smokeable bud worth writing home about, 13 watts (or 70 spread across 9 plants) isnt going to cut it.
  18. the 1/8 was from the single plant under the 13w, as I mentioned. I think I also mentioned it was for seeds.

    If you're curious about what the 9 plants yielded you can search it out in my thread and troll me there instead of here.

    Why you hatin on me so bad man? There's more then one way to skin a cat...maybe OP can't run a big ole 400w...I was just trying to help, not start a dick slinging contest :)
  19. grow all the plants you want with substandard equipment and think you are breaking new ground.

    He asked if he could grow a nice single nug with 13W and the answer is no, in my opinion. Maybe your idea of a successful harvest and mine are completely different?

    when I see someone trying to grow with less than 50W of light, I just think they are kids, because most likely, they are.

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