Help by letting me know if my grandpa smokes?

Discussion in 'General' started by SwagCaleb, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So I just smoked a nice spliff & was thinking about many things that kinda contribute to my suspicion that my grandpa smokes bud.

    First off, my grandpa has always been the type. He was born in the 50's, was a teenager in the 60's & also lived looking like a hippie during the 70's (visual proof through photographs, lol). He has always been the type in my opinion that would smoke. He also had a distinct smell that I realized later smelled similar to the stench of weed, but he is also a really big grease monkey (he works on cars a lot, or is fixing things) & I maybe thought that it's something that smells similar attributing to my suspicion.

    The other day he was over here and sung a melody "smoke a little smoke, smoke a little smokeee", but he also smokes cigarettes. As you can see, he's a very chill & cool guy, and he is humorous & does stoned type of things all the time.

    Another thing that looked like a clue is the fact that he smokes cigarettes like one would smoke a joint (index finger & thumb).

    So blades, what do you think?
    Is my grandpa a secret stoner?
  2. he's a grease monkey so he probably does lol.
  3. yea man you've got a stoner grandpa
  4. Jokes on you! Your gramps is in the DEA
  5. sounds that way man.

    my grandpa smokes too.

    but everyone in our family hates him he's a fucking dick

    its funny cause hes the only black guy in the family lol
  6. No one on here can tell you whether your Grampa smokes or not. How could we know that?

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