Help!! Buying First glass.

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  1. Im in the market for my first piece of glass and had a few things that I'd like to clear up. First off, What's the difference between a spoon, and a bowl? Secondly how big is an average size bowl and how much bud can it hold? And lastly, Id like to know if there's a specific brand that sells bowls that look similar to the one in the link below. Thanks for the help and pleas show your spoons/bowls.
  2. There is no difference between a spoon and a bowl. They both refer to the same thing, people just say it differently. A bowl can also refrence a dry piece or a slide, so I steer away from using that as a term and use spoon, the dry piece your referring to.

    A regular sized bowl can usually pack about .8-a gram depending on the size, usually half a gram is the average sized pack for most.

    The one you linked is not a specific designed bowl, looks to be factory made in order to make large quanities, as most basic found in your local headshop spoons are. If your looking for one to buy, check out any local headshops and see if there are any you like there. Seeing it in person is important to determine what size, shape, colors, and thickness it really is.

    Heres mine, its very special to me, my first glass and pipe I ever bought. Even though I mostly use my bong or bubblers daily, this thing I take with me wherever I go, it's my least expensive but most treasured glass I own.


  3. ^ very nice, how much does something like that cost?
  4. It was 35 bucks.
  5. Do glass pipes smell after use? I took maybe 10 hits from my cig one hitter and the thing stinks like a bbq. Do spoons/bowls smell heavily after being used?
  6. Everything smells after you use it unfortunately.
  7. Meh, just keep it in a sock or something. Usually more room for resin means more smell.
  8. I think glass smells much less than metal.
  9. Glass will eventually start to smell if you continue to use it and rez builds up.

    Fourtantly, glass is also very easy to clean. ISO + salt, or Grunge Off gets rid of the smell pretty good as well as keeps your glass nice and clean.

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