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  1. Okay, I've been thinking about getting a vaporizer for awhile now, and I finally have the extra cash to get one now. I've never used a vape before so I don't really know how much I'll like it, so I'd rather not go out and pay $500 for a nice one and end up not liking it and being out $500. Price isn't really a problem, but I'd rather not spend too much on my first one because as I said before, I don't know how much I'll like it so I'd like to keep it around $150 or below for my first one. I've been looking around at the different types and all the reviews for each type, and so far it looks like people have good and bad things to say about each kind, although I've been kinda leaning towards a whip.

    Also, I'm living with a couple room mates for the next month or so, so I'm looking for something that isn't too noisy, isn't too bulky and can be moved around when I'm not using it. Also, I'm not too worried about warranty seeing as I probably won't be able to return it after I've used it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry if any of that didn't make sense, I'm a little toasted:smoke:
  2. herbalaire for portability check it out
  3. get a vapor brothers question
  4. dude. if money is not a problem.. trust me. get a volcano.

    you will not regret it.:cool::cool::cool:
  5. there is no such thing as the perfect vape.

    the vapor cannon is amazing simmiler to vapor brothers but better warranty and if you buy it on ebay it comes with a bunch of extras (Scale Grinder Stirr stick and a special whip.)

    the vapor brothers is nice and i personnaly own one and love it

    the prupe days vaporizer is amazing small portable unit looks like a can made out of wood amazingly designed

    the silver surfer and dabuddah are amazing pieces flashy functional sturdy and amazing

    the volcano is good but personally i do not like bags

    if you cannot decide on bag or whip and money isnt an option for you go for both and get the vapor tower extream.

    if you have any questions feel free to pm me and i can give you an answer or direct you to a great source.
  6. +1 for Vapor Brothers hands free. :)
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    Just checked it out and I must say it looks like a winner. I'm seriously thinking about getting this one. Looks fairly small and portable, easy to use, and for being about $150 it is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. It also comes with some of those legal herbs too, and I've always been curious as to how those are, so that should be kinda cool too.

    EDIT: I do just have one question about the Vapor Brothers vape. What is the differance between the standard and hands free version. I was looking at both and they look exactly the same to me, maybe I'm just missing something.
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    Another for the Vapor Bros. (hands free) Bought one this summer and it is the best. On the hands free version, the glass whip with the hose will fit onto the heating element and stay there while the basic model will make you hold it there every time you want to take a draw from it. Just buy the hands free... much more convenient and not much more $$$$.
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    Buy an Easy Vape. With an AC/DC adapter, it can slickly be used in a car, and is quite cheap. Don't expect quality but hey it works and for the $60 that I paid for it, I got the Vape + Grinder.

    Check eBay. I suggest this seller as he has great customer service and personally came to my house to deliver my replacement vaporizer after mine had broken after one use. Don't let my one-use-and-its-broken thing affect your decision, it's a good vape and you can't go wrong. I am satisfied :]

    He's raised his prices to $80~ but it's still a good buy considering most stores sell the Easy Vape for $129.99 USD

  10. I second that bro, bought mine today, and it kicked my ass. But it online at vaporwarehouse (just google vaporbrothers you'll find it, its the only online shop that sells it.) online its $156.00, but i bought mine at a vaporbrothers reseller, and it cost me $225. So go online. they aren't in stock right now but i just couldn't wait.
  11. although the vapor brothers is nice the vapor cannon has a better warranty at a better price and is exactly the same thing and if you buy on ebay free shipping + bonus stuff you should think about that.
  12. There are three vaporizers I'd consider that are massed produced. I'm making a vape with a buddy right now. Hopefully the prototype is good enough or cheap enough that we can start sourcing parts to build them.

    HerbalAire H2.1 - Dual functionality, very efficient. Unfortunately there's no temperature gauge, it takes up two electrical outlets and the fish tank pump is kinda noisy. Great price point though.

    V-Tower Extreme - Dual functionality, two different bowl types, remote control and digital temperature gauge. I just don't like the aesthetics of it.

    Vapir Vapormatic - All that and a bag of chips.
  13. Well I have narrowed it down to either the Vapor Brothers or the Vapor Cannon. The Vapor Brothers is sold out right now, so I dunno yet if I'm going to wait for them to get more in stock or if I'm going to just get the Vapon Cannon. Something to sleep on.
  14. nothing wrong with the vapro hot air extraction system. not very well known, but the damn thing works. i recommend an extra pipe. that piece isnt exactly dropable.

  15. not quite true, there's a temperature dial and the light changes colors at where the current temperature is...

    so lets say i turn it on max, to check where the current temperature is turn the dial counter-clockwise, when the light changes colors that's what the temp is at.

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